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New Moon in Leo

5 August 2013 – This week’s Astrology

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What’s happening this week?

We’ve had some complicated astrology going on recently but this week the picture is more straightforward, but not necessarily easy. However, it starts with a royal fanfare.

The New Moon falls at 14 degrees of Leo on Tuesday evening (exact at 22.52 BST). New Moons are new brooms that sweep clean, they are an announcement of a new cycle especially with regard to issues pertaining to the sign. Leo of course is the Lion, the king or queen of the zodiac (think Madonna, 18 August 1958, the Queen of Pop) and is associated with creativity, boldness and attention seeking. This doesn’t mean that we all have to turn into raging extroverts overnight, but it pays to look at where a lack of confidence may be holding you back. In psychological terms Leo rules individuation – your right to be you, and proud of it – and your sense of entitlement. Ponder the idea that you may not expect too much of life but too little. What kind of changes could you ring if you mustered just a little more courage? Carpe Diem.

Note also that this New Moon’s closest aspect to the other planets is a trine (harmonious) to Uranus at 12 degrees of the fellow fire sign of Aries. The nature of Uranus is quick, sudden, brilliant and unconventional, so expect events that seem designed to show you how quickly life can change, especially when you dare to be different.

This picture is dramatically underlined by the major aspect of the week – Jupiter opposing Pluto in the early hours of Thursday. This aspect happens roughly every 13 years (and this time around it happens three times, repeating in January and April of next year) and is definitely not for the faint hearted. Jupiter is expansion and opportunity – anything that makes your world bigger and better – and Pluto symbolizes death/rebirth. In other words, new beginnings are most likely to start with very definite endings of the “no going back” variety. New situations unfolding at this time then may demand brave moves, a willingness to make sacrifices and to stay committed to a plan, no matter what the teething problems may be.

The third factor this week that speaks of endings/beginnings is that Mercury (news and communication in all its different guises) finally moves on. Owing to the recent retrograde period Mercury has been in Cancer since 31 May, so over two months, whereas when this planet is at full speed he can whizz through a sign in two weeks – as is about to happen.

Mercury will move into bold Leo on Thursday, charging through this sign until the 23rd, but his first aspect will be a square to Saturn, exact Sunday evening. This signals initial obstacles or delays, such as getting hold of the right person, waiting on decisions, dealing with factors that can’t be easily changed or overcome, coming up against that subject that you will never see eye to eye on – and so on – but don’t be deterred. The bigger picture message is that courage counts and there’s no need to fall at the first hurdle!

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