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Mars square Pluto

9 June 2014 – This week’s Astrology

The Astrology Blog – w/b 9 June 2014

All times stated are in BST.

As you may already have read on the postings on the Facebook group The World of Astrology we had some fun astrology over the weekend doing the annual prediction for Britain’s Got Talent. These things usually turn out to be educational too. In brief, everything has a horoscope – whether it’s an individual, a country, an event or even a question (the latter being horary astrology).

Friend and colleague Sally Kirkman correctly predicted the winner of the French Open – here’s the link for her feature posted last month:
Well done Sal, you are so good at sports stuff! Back to the chart for the BGT final, we had a Scorpio Ascendant (or rising sign) directing us to the two planets ruled by this sign, traditional ruler Mars and co-ruler Pluto. Both of these planets were active. On the night we had the Moon applying to a conjunction of the Mars in Libra – and also Venus applying to trine Pluto. As I posted last week, Mars suggested a male win, but Venus was showing so strongly too, so it was contradictory. I put my money on Lucy Kay, Venus (women) being dignified in her own sign of Taurus, going by good aspect to Pluto. She looked the Plutonic part too – dark, sultry, intense and powerful. Yesterday’s FB Post:

“BGT bet feedback, no winnings for me this year, I put my bet on for Lucy Kay to win, not for a place! But actually the astrology worked out perfectly if you stay traditional – a Scorpio Asc on the chart for the final directs us to Mars, and in the chart the Moon’s next aspect is a conjunction with the Mars. I was put off by the fact that Mars is in detriment in Libra, but of course it’s a perfect showing for men (Mars) singing in harmonies (Libra). The other dominant aspect was Venus trine Pluto – co-ruler of the chart and therefore strictly speaking always secondary to Mars – which picked out the dark haired very Scorpio looking Lucy Kay for second place. A very good showing of tight astrological craft – I’ll stick to the rules more closely next time!”

Ok, back to the serious stuff. The feminine planets Venus or the Moon in aspect to Pluto spell woman power. The Venus – Pluto trine was exact today at 02.39 and the “most watched” video on the BBC news this morning features Christine Lagarde, entitled “What next for most powerful woman?” Natally, she has the Moon tightly conjunct Pluto in “centre stage” Leo.

The other event as the week kicks off is Neptune turning retrograde, at 7 degrees of Pisces. As Neptune is so slow moving this doesn’t have the same kick as Mercury. Neptune will be retrograde until mid November, turning direct again at just under 5 degrees of Pisces. So in the space of five months he will have crawled through only 2 degrees of Pisces. This current turning point then will be most significant for those who have planets between 5-7 degrees of Pisces – or in the other mutable signs of Gemini, Virgo or Sagittarius – which in turn means the aspects of conjunction, opposition or square being formed. Not easy. Neptune loves sea mists and can be very disorientating, especially with a scenario that takes months to play out.

Back to more immediate concerns the rest of the astrology is all packed into the end of the week/going into the weekend. We have:

Friday 13 (unlucky for some) Venus opposite Saturn at 05.10
Friday 13 Full Moon at 22 degrees of Sagittarius at 05.13
Saturday 14 Mars square Pluto at 13.35

Again, this is far from easy. Note that the Full Moon is exact literally within three minutes of the Venus (love, money, women, life’s pleasures) opposite Saturn (delays, denial, obstacles and general stuckness!). Full Moons bring key issues full circle and into the light. Remember also the traditional “lunacy” of Full Moons and the increased risk of domestics. Add to this the fact that Mars is still in Venus’ sign of Libra and squares up to Pluto – signaling endings or power/control issues – and the picture becomes even more complex and difficult.

So, tread carefully. Avoid risk taking. Don’t try to push any situation that is already complicated or fraught with problems beyond your personal control. This would add up to the proverbial banging your head against a brick wall. Recognize where your own power lies, even this is only in an act of acceptance for how something is for now. Be realistic about time – Saturn is Lord of Time – and avoid committing to anything that you suspect would put you under too much pressure.

All of this is underlined by the fact that we have the current backdrop of a retrograde Mercury. Textbook definition of this event – that happens roughly three times a year for three weeks at a time – is “problems with transport and communication”. The metro strike in Sao Paulo threatens to disrupt the start to the World Cup this week…

Closer to home – Mercury turned retrograde on Saturday in Cancer, sign of family and home. All our dogs exploded into a barking frenzy at about 10pm last night when a poor delivery guy tried to deliver souvlaki (kebabs) to us, the wrong address! It made me think of how a retrograde Mercury makes it much harder to “navigate” and find your way around. Symbolically it’s a time for checking our own maps – are we on the right road, did we miss a turning, might it pay to turn around and go back again? The heart of any home is the kitchen, and therefore associated with the Moon and her sign of Cancer. I am still musing on the possible meaning of the dead baby scorpion attached to a chopping board in our kitchen last night too… sincerely hoping it was a solo and not an escapee from a family nest!

The universal symbolism of a retrograde Mercury applies throughout the rest of the month. Note that Mercury will reverse back into his own sign of Gemini next week and will then turn direct in this sign on 1 July. If you missed last week’s mailing here’s the usual survival checklist:

Assume nothing, double check everything
When in doubt, do nothing
Keep a close watch on all belongings – especially phones, keys, cameras and any techno goods
Ensure phone is fully charged when you’re travelling
Don’t travel unless you have to
Take extra care with form filling/signing on dotted lines
Buy yourself time re major decisions
Back up all your computer work
Operate by “re” words – review, rethink, rework, revisit, regroup etc
Have a careful week!


This week’s Astrology – 25 March 2013

The week ahead is one of the most complicated that we’ve had for a while. You may already have read other columns that are making a Big Thing of the Full Moon on Wednesday morning as it falls at 7 degrees of Libra and within a few hours of the Mars – Pluto square at 11 degrees of Aries – Capricorn. This is creates what is called a T Square as the Sun/Mars in Aries oppose the Moon Libra, and both in turn make a square to Pluto. One of my regular readers even tells me that another column has already referred to this as a Monster Moon, which sounds very alarming. I’m not into scaremongering but I am into trying to describe astrological phenomena as accurately as possible. There is no point in glamourising, but then I’m a truth freak Sag so I would say that.

So, the truth of the matter is that Mars and Pluto are traditionally known as the malefics – the bad guys. Mars is the god of war, Pluto the god of the underworld. They are locked in combat and it doesn’t get much more militant or “hellish” than that. Early week events may be of the “tipping point” kind, gloves off and let’s get it all out in the open. However, the Full Moon in peaceable Libra floodlights the arena and will try to remain impartial and ensure that it’s a fair fight. Have you ever noticed that Librans believe passionately in fairness? Also look out for a turning point in any situation that has already been difficult, possibly for months, that will involve radical rethinks and changes of plan. A new understanding may be a difficult birth but it has to struggle into the world, possibly kicking and screaming and rather red in the face.

Sneaking up behind Mars are the Sun, Venus and Uranus all in Aries, all linking with each other from late Thursday afternoon through to the early hours of Friday. Anyone’s guess because Uranus is so double sided. Venus of course is love, and this combination could be anything from being swept off your feet by a passionate new admirer, to your partner running off with your best friend. Uranus loves surprises and shockwaves. If, however, the steam is building up between your ears and you’re at the point of striking a blow for your own ego be aware that you may get more than you bargained for. If you want a visual think of the recent images of Mount Etna spewing out scarlet flames (Aries’ colour is red). The lava has to settle and cool down before turning into harmless ash. This is like The Tower in the tarot. The dramatic financial shakeup in Cyprus also, inevitably, comes to mind.

What else? Like we need more! Mercury in Pisces is the gentle voice of reason, aligning with Saturn midweek for the third and final time. This signals closure of anything that started end of February and dissolved into a muddle in the first half of March. Jolly Jupiter is also back in the picture, in harmonious aspect to Mars at the beginning of the week, and to Venus at the end of it. This has the ring of “there’s no change without conflict but we’ll get there in the end”.

Exhausted? We probably will be, in one way or another. On a serious note there is an accident prone element at work here so please go carefully and avoid unnecessary risks.

CLICK BELOW for this week’s column:


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