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Jerry Hall and Rupert Murdoch

7 March 2016 – Jupiter/Pluto and Jerry Hall, the truth about Eclipses and what is Astrology for?

The Astrology Blog 7 March 2016

I “met” a fellow astrologer last week through the phenomenon that is Facebook. Liz Gunn lives and works in Asheville, North Carolina and her work centers around the theme of “Know your chart, know yourself”. You can read more about Liz and her work on her website:

Regular readers will not be surprised to hear that Liz’s approach resonates completely with me. In this work we are never far removed from the question, what is astrology for? Sun sign columns keep astrology alive in the public eye, although this is something of a double edged sword as they are inevitably generalized, focus only on predictive content and many are written just for entertainment purposes. Some are professionally written, and insightful, some are just plain silly. When we enter the realms of horoscopy though we enter into the world of self awareness, the road to change, and we forge a spiritual link with something that is bigger than we are. Astrology, when followed truthfully, helps us to navigate the complexities of this life and the nature of the relationships that make up our world. It is a tool of enormous authenticity.

Liz’s approach of “know your chart, know yourself” acknowledges this, and my weekly blog works along the same lines. In other words, “know the current picture, know what to expect”. If we are aware of the current astrological climate then we know what the weather forecast is likely to be. Last week I was publicly and furiously accused by another astrologer of “planting the seeds of fear and negativity” and of “not admitting that astrology works mostly on the power of suggestion.” Firstly, to be alarmist was absolutely not my intention. However, this blog is never sanitized and never will be. I don’t see the point of being a “good news” astrologer. That is not what astrology “is for”.

Secondly, astrology is NOT the power of suggestion. It is the symbolic face of astronomy. You wouldn’t be able to locate past events in a horoscope if astrology didn’t work at a craft level. So, for example, inharmonious (the word “tough” was objected to but it’s the same thing) aspects – squares and oppositions – can reflect those who square up to us or oppose us, or situations that stretch us or which require tough measures. That’s life. In my view it’s better to know when such pictures are being formed.

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