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Full Moon in Cancer

21 December 2015 – The Astrology Christmas Blog

The Astrology Blog 21 December 2015

All times stated in GMT
A huge thank you to everyone who’s supported the weekly blog throughout the year, and wishing everyone Happy Solstice! The Sun entered Capricorn this morning –

Tuesday Sun ingress Capricorn (04.49)

In the northern hemisphere this marks the shortest day, and therefore the moment when the days start to get longer again. Symbolically, the solstices (when the Sun appears to stand still) and the equinoxes (when the northern and southern hemispheres are equally illuminated) are powerful markers in terms of new cycles. These events are when the Sun reaches 0 degrees of Aries (spring equinox), Cancer (summer solstice), Libra (autumn equinox) and Capricorn (winter solstice). 0 degrees is where it all starts, just like The Fool, the first card of the Tarot, who is numbered zero rather than number one. If you have any planets or angles at 0 degrees in your own horoscope this symbolizes a point of huge potential and will manifest either through your work or through a key relationship.
Here are the usual links for checking the position of your own planets and angles:

You can also try this calculator, which lists all your planets and angles rather than bringing up the visual of the horoscope, so for non astrologers it’s easier to use.

So, pay close attention to unfolding events today, especially with regard to the Capricorn concerns of career, purpose and plans for the future connected to your security and long term prosperity. Business matters are winding down for the festive break but nevertheless the seeds that are sown this week could easily show signs of growth and potential in the New Year.

Apologies for the brevity of this blog – regular readers know that normal activity has rather ground to a halt in our household, but we’re so thankful to have Mike home and we now have the chance to treat his cancer from the naturopath angle. All my feelings about hospital being the last place where you can get well (once the essentials of surgical intervention are done) were validated by this article on the BBC over the weekend. In the words of a doctor, this is what patients are exposed to:

“What do we do to them? We sleep-deprive them, we malnourish them, we stress them, we disturb their circadian [sleep] rhythms, we put them at bed rest and de-condition them, we confuse them with lots of different people and new routines – we don’t give them any control.”

An optimistic Sag will always find the upside in even the most arduous of circumstances. Sue and Mike are the sort of couple that make everyone else green with envy – in the nicest possible sense! – but she says his illness has brought them even closer. I see this with my own eyes on a daily basis. So this Christmas my thoughts are definitely along the lines of… finding the perfect opportunity to spoil and enjoy those you love, and enjoying all the things that good health allows you to share.

From the serious to the more frivolous, Saturn transiting my Sun is being a right misery … the truck that was on its way to Greece with everyone’s UK purchases got impounded by customs on Friday in the UK (right on cue for the Mercury – Pluto conjunction, they weren’t happy with the paperwork!). This is a regular consignment that delivers to Lefkada throughout the year but of course this time this one includes my champagne, gifts, Xmas pudding … so it’s just as well that am not doing any actual entertaining this year! Hopefully it will all be on its way soon as one of the best aspects of this month is coming up –

Thursday Venus sextile Jupiter (10.04)

Any Venus – Jupiter combo by harmonious aspect is good news, although this one is somewhat compromised by the fact that both are currently travelling through their signs of detriment, Venus in Scorpio and Jupiter in Virgo. Nevertheless these are the “benefics” of the heavens and between them they rule the all the goodies of life – love, pleasure, money, luck, opportunity, generosity and anything/anyone that makes your world a better and more enjoyable place. As this aspect is exact on Thursday morning it’s “applying” (moving towards exactitude) the day before so that picks out Wednesday evening as probably the most sociable of the week. As well as being known as jovial Jupiter (Santa is definitely a Jupiterian!) he also rules all things foreign and long distance travel so this bodes well for those of you are on the move for Christmas… and for that truck!!

We have some lovely astrology for Christmas Day too –

Friday Full Moon at 3 degrees Cancer (11.13)

This is the Moon’s own sign, placing hearth, home and family in the spotlight. As ever though, look out for the domestics! Full Moons are notorious for sensitizing any personal issues that are already sore points. Better to take a leaf out of Cancer’s book and “crab walk” away from touchy subjects, and to allow others to do the same.
Helpful conversations however are another matter as the Mercury – Jupiter trine (harmonious) that is a sequence of three, as I mentioned last week, also starts on Christmas Day.

• Friday 25 December 23 degrees Capricorn/23 degrees Virgo
• Friday 15 January 23 degrees Capricorn/23 degrees Virgo (Mercury retrograde)
• Saturday 6 February 22 degrees Capricorn/22 degrees Virgo

In brief Mercury rules everything connected to communication and information, so this repeating aspect to Jupiter, planet of good fortune, signals that an issue/subject/idea etc will be up for a lot of discussion, not just for now but over the next weeks. Look out for anything that gets the ball rolling. If you’re meeting people for the first time you may well strike up a new friendship, or you may want to get back in touch with someone who’s been important to you in the past. Such scenarios are especially important if you have planets or angles at or close to 22/23 degrees of the earth signs – the ones mentioned above, Virgo and Capricorn, and also Taurus.

The final astrological event of the week is on Boxing Day –

Saturday Uranus turns direct at 16 degrees Aries (03.54)

As with all the outer planets Uranus spends many months in retrograde motion (unlike the personal planets, eg Mercury is only ever retrograde for three weeks at a time). Uranus turned retrograde at 20 degrees of Aries at the end of July, has backtracked only four degrees over the last five months, and will eventually get back to 20 Aries at the beginning of April. So this gives you an idea of the long and winding road taken by these meanderers, and they spend many months “stuck” on one degree, but their turning points are worth noting. As above, so below. Look out for turning points that reflect Uranus the rebel – planet of sudden, dramatic or unexpected change – getting back to business. This is especially applicable if you have planets or angles at 16 degrees of any of the fire signs – Aries, Leo, Sag – or in the cardinal signs of Aries, Cancer, Libra or Capricorn.

However you’re celebrating stay safe, have fun, and I hope to post a New Year blog next week,
Love from Greece until then

5 January 2015 – Mercury steals the New Year headlines, how to handle the Full Moon

The Astrology Blog – 5 January 2015

All times stated are in GMT

Happy New Year and welcome to the first blog of 2015, and apologies for posting several hours later than usual. Still getting back up to speed after getting back from London – complete with flu bug (didn’t need astrology to predict that one) but also a stack of wonderful memories, connecting with loved friends and making new ones. So it was definitely worth it – even though we got back to Greece in time for New Year’s Eve (my favourite night of the year, you would normally have to put a gun to my head to make me stay in) only to be confined to the sick bay. But the astrology ran like clockwork, especially the predicted Xmas Eve chaos – in the blog I posted before leaving I wrote:

“(Xmas Eve) Disruption is a major theme and Mercury is very much linked to being on the move as he rules all modes of transport. If you’re traveling on that day allow yourself as much time as possible and plan your journey carefully. Leaving anything to the last minute is a dead cert for chaos or stress! Things out of our control are also likely to play a role, such as bad weather or people going down with the flu…”

Our story – Sue by this time was already laid out with full blown flu and bronchitis, her daughter and son in law were due to join us in London on Xmas Eve but ended up having to leave home in the west country much later than planned and, guess what, had gone only about ten miles when a wheel dropped off the car… this meant having to go home again, with gritted teeth mutterings about Jo’s blog, and start again the next day, but it all came together in the end! I hope your own Christmas and New Year tales all had happy endings.

So, onwards into 2015 dear readers! I may have missed the event of NYE itself but I’ve still got the other bug of New Year-itis which I always enjoy. There is something about looking at brand new blank diary pages (call me old fashioned) that fills me with optimism and wonder. Even though astrology gives us a flavor of what is to come the details are yet to unfold. So it seems a timely moment to remember that astrology is not so much clairvoyance as a celestial road map, a guide for the journeys that lie ahead. As with every map, it works when you know how to read it.

This brings us up against the essential difference between signs and symbols. As Jung says, a sign carries an obvious meaning, such as traffic lights signaling stop or go. You don’t have to question what the red or green light might mean, you know automatically and act immediately upon the message. But a symbol “implies something vague, unknown, or hidden from us.” We have to dig a little deeper in order to discover meaning. Dream interpretation is a clear example of the same phenomenon. We can ponder our dreams, we can listen to other’s ideas of what they might mean, we can even consult books that purport to tell the meaning of dreams, but it’s only when you arrive at the right interpretation that the meaning – and the message swimming up from the teeming riverbed of your unconscious – smacks you unmistakably between the eyes. When the symbolism is placed and understood within the context of your own life the unconscious and the conscious connect with powerful effect. It’s that, “I get it now” light bulb moment. And such moments can be life changing.

Astrology also needs our life context so that we can understand how gazing into this huge celestial mirror can reflect our earthly events. It is the astrologer’s job to hold the “as above, so below” principle and to unpack the symbolism of the planets as they travel through the 12 signs of the zodiac and make aspects (alignments) with each other. Astrology works at this universal level – as readers of this blog are always telling me, keep on with the feedback, I love it – but packs an even bigger punch when you see it at work in your own horoscope. For now, the point to make as we sail into this New Year is that tracking the planets maps out the A roads. Looking at your own horoscope is the way to find the B roads, and all those little windy lanes that lead us in interesting directions.

So, what’s happening this week? At first glance, the answer is “not a lot”. There are three astrological events that are all crammed into today and then everything goes rather suspiciously quiet. However, a second glance tells us more as the three events themselves are all weighty ones and will set the tone for many weeks to come.

We start with Mercury’s change of sign as he has now left the watery realms of Pisces and entered the crisp air sign of Aquarius in the early hours of this morning –

Monday Mercury ingress Aquarius (01.09)

Modern day astrology assigns Aquarius as Mercury’s sign of “exaltation” – ie his best possible placing. Traditional astrology gives Virgo and, as regular readers will know, I am a staunch traditionalist, but nevertheless I like this combination. Mercury, planet of the mind, is generally happy in the air signs, element of the thinking function, and Aquarius in particular is associated with brilliance, originality and breaking the mould. This feels like the proverbial breath of fresh air and the seeds of change sown now are destined to germinate and blossom in ways that we can only begin to imagine.

This is because Mercury is going to be in Aquarius for an unusually long time. When this planet is at full speed he can whizz through a sign in two to three weeks but he’s now increasingly slow moving, getting ready to turn retrograde on 21 January. He’ll then be retrograde (appearing to move backwards) for the usual three weeks, turning direct again 11 February and finally moving onto into Pisces 13 March. So instead of the usual few weeks we have Mercury traveling backwards and forwards through the same sign for over two months.

What might this signify? Firstly it suggests that there’s a lot of thinking to be done. If you have changes to make, or if you have a huge workload to tackle, then the next couple of weeks are crucial. Pay very close attention to your ideas and thoughts, or to the person you find stimulating or unusual. This is just the beginning of a chapter that could prove how that special something or someone can make a vital difference. Whatever your New Year’s resolutions might be, including one that might take shape only this week, don’t let it slip through your fingers. Get systematic – Aquarius loves lists – and work out the pros and cons. You might find that you’ll go back to these at a later date and wonder why you thought it was all so simple lol, so note that many things will yet be up for revision, but that’s no reason to drag your feet.

Mercury in Aquarius is also fantastic for technology. At a social or business level now’s the time to get networking, to spruce up your website, find ways to make it work more effectively for you, along with social media of all kinds. Groups figure largely with Aquarius too so hook up with like-minded people and share your ideas. This isn’t just about meeting others on line – find events that are local to you as these will bring you into contact with those who could become firm friends or who may well be inspirational.

Mercury’s long windy journey ahead suggests that the biggest pitfall over the next couple of months is possibly the risk of over-thinking a matter. The fear of failure – or success! – is one that’s well worth examining if you suspect that you might be self sabotaging. Start by remembering that it’s okay to make mistakes, whether you’re regretting one or fearing making one. In fact, it’s more than okay, it’s how we all learn after all. With the love planet Venus also having just entered Aquarius (3 January) this applies to your emotional life too, so stay plugged in to how you actually feel and not to just what makes sense. In other words, be aware of how you may be over rationalizing, or how you may be stuck in some abstract world view that bears no reality to the life you would wish for yourself. Ask yourself lots of questions. The sign of Aquarius is nothing if not curious. The answers might surprise you.

Mercury’s change of sign will be especially significant for you if you have planets in the early degrees of Aquarius or in the opposite sign of Leo. (Quick back to basics, 30 degrees in each sign, so if you have planets at between 0 – 5 degrees of Aquarius these count as the early degrees. Mercury will turn retrograde at 17 degrees of Aquarius so again if you have planets on or close to this degree or in the opposite sign of Leo that turning point is one to clock. But more on that over the next couple of weeks as the moment draws closer.)

Remember that if you don’t know the sign and position of your natal planets you can find them here in a matter of seconds – just tap in your date, place and time of birth –

by hovering your mouse over the glyph for each planet you’ll be able to see which planet it is, what sign it is in and what degree of that sign it holds.

Back to the other two events today –

Monday Full Moon at 14 degrees of Cancer (04.54)

Full Moons illuminate and sensitize so, again, if you have planets at or close to 14 degrees of Cancer or in the opposite sign of Capricorn this Full Moon will be especially important for you. Whatever, or whoever, those planets represent in your life will have their moment in the full beam of the Full Moon’s searching spotlight. This can be revelatory or uncomfortable – or both. As ever, Full Moons also spell “lunacy” and are notorious for domestics. This doesn’t necessarily mean of the screaming and shouting kind. The water sign of Cancer is introspective so, wherever feelings are running high, there is more likely to be a withdrawing into the shell, a noticeable moody or broody feel, a sense that someone is not being open or is avoiding intimacy. And/or look out for family or property situations reaching a milestone. If you’re buying or selling this Full Moon is great for completion, finding the right buyer/seller, or finding the property that has your name written all over it.

The third and final event of the day features Mercury again –

Monday Mercury sextile (harmonious) Saturn (22.22)

Mercury in good aspect to Saturn augurs well for firm decisions, agreements, putting things down in black and white, establishing your goal posts and mapping out work that is governed by deadlines. Just be careful not to bite off more than you can chew! As Mercury will be turning retrograde in a couple of weeks time this aspect to Saturn is not a one-off. Mercury will come back and repeat this aspect on 5 February (the week before turning direct again) and then again for the third and final time on 19 February.

Mercury – Saturn aspects are normally conclusive but, because of the backwards and forwards movement to come, there will be some element at work that will make you realise at a later date that something was not as cut and dried as it seemed. Or, you may already realise that a situation is not going to be as easy as you would wish, and the February dates are ones to circle for an ongoing debate, project, plan etc when you’ll be looking at matters in the light of new information or having to rework things in a way that you couldn’t have anticipated earlier. Saturn is Lord of Time itself – and he’s also a “malefic” – so be prepared for “bad timing”, don’t over commit yourself, or accept that a heartfelt wish is one that cannot be instantly gratified. However, whatever your main concern may be at the moment, the bigger picture suggests that it will be worth the effort and the wait. It’s a good time to remember that success usually comes after hard work and not the other way around!

To finish, one other minor event that will be visible in the sky is the monthly Moon – Jupiter conjunction. This one falls within three days of the Moon being full so – pray for clear skies – and look upwards on Wednesday night. The conjunction at 21 degrees of Leo is exact in the early hours of Thursday (05.08) and you’ll see Jupiter blazing away next to the moon. That’s the time to make your New Year’s wish as Jupiter the “Greater Benefic”, Lord of opportunity, good fortune and all things good for us. Wishing you a happy, healthy and productive start to the New Year,
With love from Greece

Joanna x

13 January 2014 – This week’s Astrology

If you want to go straight to this week’s blog just scroll down past the course information and horoscope links.


If you want to explore the fascinating subjects of astrology or tarot, combined with a week’s holiday on this beautiful Ionian island of Lefkada, The Greek Island Summer School is about to enter its 13th year. Owing to demand the maximum number of students has been raised to 8 per group, and there is an additional tarot week running 5 May. Private tuition is also available by arrangement from May to October. Email me for all enquiries or bookings on

Here are the course dates for 2014:

Working with Tarot

Choose either:

w/c 5 May 2014 ( 7 of 8 places available) or
w/c 19 May 2014 (2 of 8 places available)

These courses are suitable for all levels. We revise the traditional divinatory meanings of the 78 Tarot cards and contribute our own. You will also learn a variety of spreads so that you are equipped for answering any kind of question. Throughout the week we also explore the nature of working with clients so you will hone both your divinatory and counselling skills, with theory and with practice readings.
More details
on the website here

Discovering Astrology – foundationcourse for beginners/refreshers

w/c 2 June 2014 (4 of 8 places available)
Lift astrology out of the Sun sign columns and discover horoscopy, the symbolism of the signs, planets and houses. Take your first steps in chart interpretation and making predictions, for the day do day things of life and for the major cycles that show important life events, such as relationships and vocation. Throughout the week we will work on your own horoscopes as well as celebrities that interest us and case histories from my own practice.
Check out the website for more details…

Astrology & Tarot – how to combine both skills

w/c 8 September 2014 (3 of 8 places available)

This course is suitable for the student who has already ventured into studying both tarot and astrology, but you certainly don’t need to be an expert. Whether you are a refresher/intermediate student the aim is improve your tarot skills through deepening your understanding of the card meanings and learning how to work with different spreads. Re the astrology we will revise the signs/houses and the nature and cycles of the planets. You will learn how to use the Ephemerides – the tables that follow the movement of the planets day by day – so that you can move easily between the past, present and future. By adding the astrological bow to your arrow you can offer your clients extra guidance in terms of their current life cycle, and enrich the accuracy of your readings with key dates for unfolding events.
Details on the website

Good Timing – Predictive Techniques in Astrology

w/c 22 September 2014 (4 of 8 places available)

This course is suitable for the student who has already completed a beginners’ course or who is familiar with the basic symbolism of the nuts and bolts of horoscopy – signs, planets and houses. The aim is to pull together all the threads of natal interpretation, to deepen your understanding of aspects and to learn how the “natal promise” within each individual horoscope comes to life through the predictive techniques of transits, returns and progressions. You will learn how to use the Ephemerides effectively, to work with “retrodiction” (what has already happened) as well as prediction, what is happening now and in the future. You will learn how to conduct your consultation so that you are fully equipped to offer a professional service to your own clients.
To read about the week,
check out the website

If you have any queries or would like to reserve a place pleasecontact me direct here


For an overview of the month and your January horoscope here’s the link to the column on Network She:


The Astrology Blog – w/b 13 January 2014

It’s the last week of the Sun’s journey through Capricorn, with the Full Moon in Cancer at 04.53 GMT on Thursday. If you’re new to astrology note that the time of the Full Moon is Sun opposite Moon, so always in the opposite sign to the Sun, receiving all the light, and New Moons are Sun conjunct Moon, always in the same sign as the Sun and therefore cannot be seen. When you see the New Moon sliver in the sky this is about three days after the New Moon was exact.

So, what can we expect at the time of the Full Moon? On the risky side it’s associated with lunacy (lunar) and any A & E department or police station will tell you that they expect to be busy on these nights. The Moon rules our emotional world and the Full Moon is notorious for domestics, when nerves reach full stretch and bottled up feelings pour forth. Even if there’s not a scene, any personal issue that has been causing angst is likely to be highly sensitized.

On the positive side this is a “good” New Moon as it falls in her own sign of Cancer, the sign in which the Moon is said to be dignified. The Moon and the sign of Cancer between them rule all matters connected to home, family and property so you can expect a result if these issues are key for you at the moment. Regular readers will know that lucky Jupiter is also travelling through this sign – again, very positive, Cancer is Jupiter’s sign of “exaltation” – and if you have clear skies on Tuesday night you’ll see the Full Moon getting nearer to that dazzling planet. The Moon – Jupiter conjunction is exact at about 5am GMT on Wednesday, so look out for a fortunate stepping stone towards any need or desire.

As the Full Moon is about opposites also look out for polarizing – swinging to the opposite extreme. Be honest about your feelings, especially your resentments, and keep a sense of proportion. Polarizing behavior often signals unconscious behavior at work – such as the person who hates their partner drinking but, rather than say so, decides to become a virtuous teetotaler. Or the person who is seething about their partner’s extravagance but, rather than say so, starts imposing extreme austerity measures of their own. Any behavior that sets up and plays into friction, rather than resolving it, needs scrutiny.

The Capricorn – Cancer polarity also brings work v home issues to light. Look out for issues of equality in the home/breadwinning and, if goalposts have been moved, it’s time to put them back again.

The love planet Venus is another key player this week. She is currently retrograde (which happens approximately every 18 months for about six weeks at a time), underlining the general theme of heightened sensitivity. She is also square Mars on Thursday, exact at 17.14 GMT, who is on his unusually long journey through Libra – the sign of partnership that is ruled by Venus.

There’s a lot of truth in the saying that women are from Venus and men are from Mars, and you may be more aware of your differences than the things you have in common at this time. It’s not worth getting into a fight about the things that can never be changed but, if there is something you need to tackle, make a start but go gently. Note that this aspect repeats on 2 March, coinciding with Saturn switching to retrograde, so you will probably be returning to key points in about six weeks time.

Single? Take your time getting to know someone new. Any relationship coming together under a retrograde Venus will have some kind of hidden issue going on or some area of uncertainty, as in more than usual!  There’s only another two weeks to go before she turns direct again. Love issues will then get the green light, or a new face will enter the picture, but I’ll be talking about that more nearer the time.

Finally remember that Mercury entered Aquarius over the weekend. Some textbooks will tell you that this is Mercury’s sign of exaltation although traditional astrology says that Mercury is both dignified and exalted in Virgo. Whether you follow this or not the communication planet is generally happy in the air signs, element of the mind. Aquarius is known for being bright, inquisitive and ahead of its time. Such themes are powerful at the end of the week when Mercury makes a sextile (harmonious) to Uranus, the sign that co-rules Aquarius, so there’s a kind of double whammy attached to bright ideas, making new contacts/contracts through/with groups or on line, news that is unexpected or unusual, or any sudden turn of events that remind you how quickly life can change.


24 December 2012 – This week’s Astrology

Well, we’re still here then!

Of course, the humourists have been at work with “it’s not the end of the world” jokes. This has made me think about two things – one, that humour is so important. This is not to disrespect anyone’s troubles but, in terms of the much loved phrase “a positive attitude”, the ability to put an amusing spin on life’s challenges can often make the difference between coping or not. Secondly, clients coming for consultations nearly always fear “bad news” yet bad news (difficult things)/good news (easy things) are the two sides of the same coin and such is the stuff of life.

This week’s astrology is no exception. It’s an easy start to the week, and I especially like the fact that the Moon sails through light hearted and playful Gemini throughout Christmas Day, with the Moon – Jupiter conjunction exact at 00.19 GMT on the 26th. If you have clear skies on Christmas night you’ll see Jupiter blazing away next to a nearly Full Moon. Make a wish! In fact, make two! Jupiter rules good fortune and in Gemini, sign of the Twins, it’s the perfect time for doubling up.

Mars also changes sign, about an hour later, moving into Aquarius. Note that this is not a water sign – only the sign of the Water Bearer. Aquarius is an air sign, element of the mind, and its strengths are questioning, analysis, logic and objectivity. In short, every dream needs an action plan and the “how to” is an increasingly important theme as we travel into the New Year.

This is underlined by the Full Moon in Cancer (exact at 10.22 GMT on Friday). All Full Moons illuminate or bring things full cycle and as this one lights up the Sun/Saturn/Pluto relationship you may have to work with the bad before you get to the good. in other words, something’s “gotta give” or be radically overhauled to pave the way to an improvement. Such challenges may feel like “bad news”, especially when facing up to something we fear, but the moments of very deep insight are also a gift.

Have a wonderful Christmas and CLICK BELOW for the link to this week’s column:




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