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5 November 2012 – This week’s Astrology

Yes, it’s that time again – Mercury goes retrograde tonight, 23.05 GMT and will be backtracking for the next three weeks. This means that Mercury turns into the mischief maker, especially as this time he turns around in truth freak Sagittarius and then early next week will slip back into the previous sign of Scorpio, a sign associated with hidden issues and deeper meanings. In essence:

Mercury – planet of information and communication. Under this umbrella we find language, everything connected to the written and spoken word, phones, emails, decisions, ideas, news and views.

Mercury retrograde – throws a large question mark into the mix, so be on your guard re (mis)understanding and (mis)interpretation, back up your work, and remember that language conceals (lies) as well as reveals (truth).

On a happier note we have a lovely Venus/Jupiter alignment in the air signs of Libra and Gemini, exact at 07.27 GMT Friday. So second half of the week is much lighter – fun and good news, although bear in mind that either some details will change again or you won’t enjoy the real results until Mercury gets everything back on track.

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22 October 2012 – This week’s Astrology

The Sun will move into Scorpio in the early hours of tomorrow (01.15 BST), one of the two signs ruled by Mars and the only sign co-ruled by Pluto. Mercury is also still in Scorpio, travelling through this sign for another week – but owing to an imminent retrograde period, Mercury will slip back into Scorpio in the middle of next month for another visit of nearly four weeks. There will be some issues that just won’t go away, and there will be some voices who refuse to be silenced. Or there may be matters that you start now but which, for reasons yet unknown, you’ll have to revisit.

It’s easy to give this sign bad press – emotional and sexual intensity, jealousy, knee jerk revenge, power battles and control freaks, secrets and silences – you get the picture. In the news the stories continue to emerge about the misuse of power in relation to celebrity status acting as a cover for sexual predation, and a lead story on the BBC entitled “Sun, sea and Plutonium” reports on the fate of Palomares, a Spanish village now asking the US for a final clean up after an air accident resulted in nuclear bombs being dropped there in 1966, scattering plutonium over a wide area. US Secretary of State, Scorpio Hillary Clinton, is reported as being committed to finding a permanent solution.

The positive side to this sign then is the much loved Scorpio keyword “transformation” – the potential for deep healing, for changes of the powerful and lasting kind. This week’s Sun – Saturn conjunction in Scorpio early Thursday (the first time for this meeting in this sign since November 1984) embodies the life/death/rebirth symbolism, especially as it coincides with the repeat of the Mercury Scorpio/Venus Virgo sextile (harmonious aspect), an aspect first made last Tuesday. It’s a climate demanding courage and resilience, it’s not easy, but there are answers out there and a feeling of truth trying to struggle to the surface. It feels as if a little determination will go an exceptionally long way.

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