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Greek Island Summer School

Where is The Greek Island Summer School held?

The Summer School is based in Nidri, a small resort on the Ionian island of Lefkada (or Lefkas), on the west coast of Greece. I’ve lived here for 27 years now and all the classes are run from my own home, in a covered area in the garden.

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About Greek Island Summer School courses

I learned Astrology the traditional way – before software was invented! I won’t ask you to construct charts the hard way, with a calculator and a book of logarithms, but I can teach you some old tricks of the trade that nobody could ever learn just from using computer packages.

I’ve now been teaching Astrology for 30 years and Tarot for 18 years. I know exactly what students need in terms of getting back to basics and learning skills that are hundreds of years old – skills that are proven beyond doubt to stand the test of time.

Students need techniques that really work, and the task of passing on this ancient knowledge to future generations of astrologer and tarot readers is a matter close to my heart.

The courses are designed to cater for all levels – beginners, refreshers, intermediate and advanced.

If you’re unsure of your level, please do get in touch, so that we can talk and choose the courses most suitable for your own needs.




What courses in Astrology and Tarot are available?

I evolve the course content each year as the needs of students develop. And I invite guest teachers to provide learning on specific subjects.

For details of upcoming courses, check the Astrology page (click here) and the Tarot page (click here)




What you need to know about learning Astrology and Tarot

These two separate crafts have a great deal in common as they are both tools of divination. What does that mean?

Divination v Clairvoyance


is derived from the French for “clear” and “sight” but it has come to mean more than keen sightedness. If we say someone is clairvoyant we mean that they are psychic, which in turn generally means that this person has some kind of natural second sight. They have not necessarily developed their psychic skills in any conscious way. They simply see, hear or know things without being told or without being asked. This is the realm of unbidden information or omens.


is derived from the Latin divinare which means to foretell or predict. The modern day definition is “the foretelling of future events or discovery of what is hidden or obscure by supernatural or magical means.” (my italics).

The essential difference, then, is that divination is an act of consultation, through the means of the Tarot cards, the horoscope etc. This is the realm of bidden information or omens.





So, knowing how to interpret a Tarot spread or a horoscope is mostly not the result of psychic abilities but the result of learning, the acquisition of certain skills.

Some of these skills are down to pure knowledge, such as learning the traditional meaning of the cards or the characteristics of a sign or planet.

Whilst others are down to your intuitive and creative talents, learning how to think symbolically and how to interpret a symbol within a specific context.




Learning in the groups

In the groups we discuss the nature of what it might mean to be psychic, and how to recognize those special moments when you’re connecting up with something that feels “extra-ordinary”.

However you may like to note that I do NOT use meditations.

While these are often considered an effective way for heightening one’s psychic skills they are most definitely not for everyone – including me!

I aim to pack as much “take away” knowledge into the week as is humanly possible and to allow plenty of space for putting the theory into practice, in a way that is fun, safe and inspirational.




The main focus is “how to”:

  1. Conduct a reading in a real and hands-on way
  2. Handle any question a client may have
  3. Put across your reading in a way that makes sense to your client
  4. Manage the therapeutic needs of your client
  5. Arrive at a judgment

All you really need to become proficient in your chosen craft is a love of the subject and a passion for learning.

Even if you arrive on a course feeling as if you know nothing at all you will, by the end of the week, be doing readings. Wow!

Groups are kept small – so that everyone has the chance to benefit from individual time and attention as well as group discussions.

All courses are designed to teach new information but also for active participation.

So there is the opportunity to share views and opinions, and learn from each other – and also from issues and questions that arise naturally throughout the week.




At the end of your week at the Greek Island Summer School

You’ll have the tools you need to conduct effective readings.

With a combination of theory and hands-on practice.

This means you’ll cover a vast amount of material in a short space of time, to build your confidence and discover how to be a better Astrology or Tarot reader.




How do I book the Greek Island Summer School?

Simply CONTACT JOANNA to discover what is involved in booking an unforgettable week of astrology or tarot at the Greek Island Summer School.

Mi Casa Su Casa

All groups are held at my home, just a few minutes drive from the village of Nidri.

Nidri is located on the east coast of Lefkada and it is the most idyllic setting for learning about the magical subjects of astrology and tarot.

Feel at home

You’ll get a “home from home” welcome because my first objective is to make sure that everyone has everything that they need for the perfect week at the Greek Island Summer School.

I can arrange luxury treats such as a facial or a massage and provide practical information about boat trips, books, kettles and local first aid.

All you have to do is ask me. Whatever your heart desires, I am here to help make it happen.




joanna watters on lefkada

Class Hours

Courses are arranged to coincide with flights that arrive on Wednesday.

This means that study days are Thursday, Friday, Sunday and Monday.

So you have two free days for boat trips, car hire, beach time, private readings or doing absolutely nothing at all.




Joanna watters tarot course

The course comprises 17 hours of study time:

Arrival. The day is yours to settle in – sunbathe, swim, siesta, followed by our first night group meal in Nidri.

First day
Study hours 11.00am to 1.00pm and 2.00 to 3.00pm
Lunch 1.00 to 2.00pm

Remaining three study days
Classes from 10.00am to 12.30pm and 1.30 to 3.00pm
Lunch 12.30 – 1.30

Two free days
Free days for relaxation or exploration – boat trips, car hire – or book a private reading.
We have our farewell group meal on the last evening.

Last day
Return flights home.

We order in lunch from local restaurants, so allow about 8 to 12 Euro per day for this. Tea, coffee and soft drinks are included in the course fees.




Talking tarot

Out of Class Hours

In the evenings there are optional group meals at one of the local tavernas. As the majority of students travel solo this guarantees that you never have to eat alone or be alone – unless you wish to be.

The evening meals and drinks are great fun and often end up as an extension to the course in terms of further discussions and insights. For this reason I do discourage bringing along friends or relatives to share the holiday as past experience has taught me that they end up feeling left out!

Friendly and affordable

As I’ve now lived in Nidri since 1995 my groups are well known to many of the local taverna owners. This means that we get an excellent deal for our evening meals. Starters, main course, soft drinks and lashings of the very drinkable local wine rarely come to more than 25 Euro a head.

In the bars, however, the prices are generally a little higher. Spirits and mixers average at €8.00, a generous size glass of wine or a bottle of beer at €5.50 and cocktails at €10.00.

Bar opening hours

There are no licensing laws in Greece. The bars mostly open early evening and stay open until the last customer is ready to totter off home, often in the small hours!

You might like to note however, that Nidri definitely does not attract the “lager louts”.

It is incredibly peaceful, especially out of high season when the courses are held, and any kind of loud noise or live music is prohibited after midnight.




Joanna watters tarot course evenings
Grrek Island Summer School evening out

Coming to Nidri

Nidri is on the island of Lefkada (Lefkas) which is one of the Ionian islands. It is on the west coast of Greece just above Cephalonia and approximately 70 miles south of Corfu.

Beautiful and sociable

Nidri is often referred to as a fishing village in the travel brochures, but that title is somewhat misleading. It is still relatively small – you can walk the length of the village in about 20 minutes. Yet it is the main resort of this mountainous and stunningly beautiful island, with plenty of shops, bars and traditional tavernas.

It is popular with the sailing community and can get very busy in July and August. However the Greek Island Summer School is held in the slightly cooler and calmer months of May, June and September.




Joanna Watters astrology and tarot courses

Travel and accommodation in Nidri

Flights arrive at Preveza airport and it takes about 40 minutes to drive from the airport to Nidri. Flight time from Gatwick is around three hours.

The best value option is often a package deal because it includes accommodation in Nidri and transfers to and from the airport. Prices vary, depending on the tour operator, standard of accommodation, time of year etc. As a guide, costs for flight, transfers and accommodation will generally come to between £400 – £500.

Ask Joanna

As with all holiday bookings it is well worth shopping around a bit to see what is on offer. However, there is no need to spend hours trawling the internet, simply click here to contact Joanna directly for the best deals as she constantly updates the latest travel information.


To give you an idea, there are several family run hotels in Nidri. There’s Yiannis Hotel, located on the seafront with a beautiful view of Nidri harbour, pool and poolside bar, air conditioning and with the option of self catering.

There is also the Athos Hotel on the seafront, which has a good sized swimming pool and runs the popular Tree Bar overlooking the beach.

Also popular is Demetra Studios available through Olympic holidays, which is a complex of self-catering rooms on the seafront with pool and pool bar.

IMPORTANT: Joanna strongly recommends that you book the places mentioned above – or consult her first.




Greek island Summer School Nidri sailing boats
Greek Island Summer School Nidri accommodation

Flight only

You can also consider the option of flight only, but please factor in the journey to Nidri by taxi from Preveza airport will cost about 60 Euros.

Joanna can arrange excellent accommodation, along the seafront, at a cost of approximately 35 Euros a night. This is for single or shared occupancy, with twin-bedded or double bed rooms, en suite shower room, air con, fridge, cooking facilities and stunning sea views.

Coming to Nidri from outside the UK

There are limited services into the local airport of Preveza – also called “Aktio” – except for Holland, Denmark and Sweden who all have direct flights. If you are coming via Athens you will need to book a bus ticket. The journey takes just under five hours and costs about 30 Euros each way.




Greek island Summer School Nidri

What students say about Joanna Watters Astrology and Tarot courses, workshops and readings:

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The Greek Island Summer School has been running for over 20 years and is all about combining the fascinating subject of astrology with a week’s holiday on this beautiful Ionian island of Lefkada.