Powerful, motivational – this course was beyond my wildest dreams. Elisabeth is an incredible teacher and ensures that each student is heard and understood. These courses are simply a must for anyone wishing to learn or hone their astrological or tarot crafts.  

Mo – Greek Island Astrology & Magic

Life changing. I’ve had a phenomenal time. Not only has this course helped me grow spiritually and as a witch, it has helped me grow as a person and opened my mind to parts of myself I didn’t even know existed.

Joanna – Greek Island Astrology & Magic

This experience has been fantastic and really informative. The setting and location is perfect and the week has been interesting, relaxing and refreshing for the soul! It was wonderful having the opportunity to work with a great group from all walks of life, especially working with Full Moon magic, something that up till now I had only ever done solo. 

Laura – Greek Island Astrology & Magic

A totally enjoyable week. Elisabeth served up an interesting and fun course, I’ve learned things I didn’t even know about and have a lot to take back with me to put into practice. Joanna’s constant care for us all also very lovingly appreciated! All pure magic. 

Julie – Greek Island Astrology & Magic

Great energy and atmosphere, and the course was a real journey of discovery. Now I understand so much more about affirmations in connection to my natal chart, and how to use these throughout the year. 

Lynne – Greek Island Astrology & Magic