The Astrology of Families – with Elisabeth Brooke

I’m delighted to announce that Elisabeth Brooke is returning to Greece in the 2023 season for the 6th consecutive season with a brand new course.

Elisabeth is a Wonderful Witch, Herbalist and Astrologer with forty years of experience in both fields. She teaches classes and workshops worldwide and has a private practice in London.

Elisabeth is the author of the best selling A Woman’s Book of Herbs (The Women’s Press, 1992) and five other books, including Traditional Herbal Western Medicine and A Woman’s Book of Shadows which is all about magic, reprinted in April 2019.

Her latest book is Goddess Astrology – available to buy direct here

The Astrology of Families


24 May 2023


Study days are Thursday / Friday and then Sunday / Monday

First day 11am to 3pm

Other three study days 10am to 3pm


Joanna’s home in Nidri, Lefkada, Greece


Elisabeth Brooke – hosted by Joanna Watters

Prices & How To Book


Course fees include tutor fees, refreshments and taxis to and from your hotel on the four study days.

For more information and to book email

Course content

The Astrology of Families with Elisabeth Brooke

Families have astrological lines running through them which we can trace through parents, children and siblings. There is much to be learnt about ourselves through looking at our place in the family and family traits.

During the week we will discuss –

  • Siblings and the 3rd house
  • The Sun/Moon and 4th/10th houses of the parents
  • Children and parents – the North Node, karmic ties, children’s experience of their families, examples of big families and singletons
  • Grandparents, aunts and uncles
  • Family lines, adoptions, blended families
  • Chiron, ancestral pain and lessons


Regular tea, coffee and water is included in the course fee. Please bring along your choice of infusion or special diet items.

Buffet lunch

You can bring your own lunch or opt to choose from a local menu.

This includes a selection of salads, local cheese pies and more.

Special dietary requirements are taken into account – simply email Joanna with your preferences.

Allow 8 to 12 Euro per day