The Astrology of Relationships

This astrology course unravels the astrological threads in each horoscope that make up the tapestry of our key relationships.

This is a perennial subject. Any practising astrologer will tell you that it’s virtually unheard of to do a reading that doesn’t include questions about love, marriage or affairs.

Level: Refreshers / Intermediate

Evolutionary Astrology Greek Island Course Natal chart wiht image of human states of consciousness


30 August 2023


Study days are Thursday / Friday and then Sunday / Monday

First day 11am to 3pm

Other three study days 10am to 3pm


Joanna’s home in Nidri, Lefkada, Greece


Joanna Watters

Prices & How To Book


Course fees include tutor fees, refreshments and taxis to and from your hotel on the four study days.

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For more information and to book email

Course content

On The Astrology of Relationships course you will learn:

  • How to locate the “natal promise” – what kind of partner does anyone attract in this lifetime and why?
  • What is synastry? What does the comparison of two horoscopes reveal in relation to why you can live easily with one person but not another?
  • How can astrology tell you when an attraction is mutual and beneficial, and whether or not two people are compatible?
  • How to compare the all important Moon/Venus signs in terms of emotional natures and needs
  • What is a “cosmic marriage” and how do you know if you’re with a true soul mate?
  • What are the recognized indications for longevity in marriage?
  • How to use astrology to answer all types of relationship questions, including how to handle conflict with partner, family, boss, friends etc
  • How to use the timing measures of transits, progressions and New/Full Moons to predict dates for meetings, marriages, trouble spots and significant milestones within a relationship


Regular tea, coffee and water is included in the course fee. Please bring along your choice of infusion or special diet items.

Buffet lunch

You can bring your own lunch or opt to choose from a local menu.

This includes a selection of salads, local cheese pies and more.

Special dietary requirements are taken into account – simply email Joanna with your preferences.

Allow 8 to 12 Euro per day