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New Moon Sagittarius

10 December 2012 – This week’s Astrology

As you may recall Mercury turned direct two weeks ago after being retrograde from 6 – 26 November. This week Mercury enters Sagittarius for the second time (in the early hours of tomorrow morning), an important part of quite a complex pattern. Here’s the sequence in bullet points:

  • Mercury enters Sagittarius and squares Neptune at 0 degrees Pisces 29 October
  • Mercury reaches 4 degrees of Sagittarius and then turns retrograde 6 November
  • Mercury squares Neptune for the second time 14 November
  • Mercury backtracks into Scorpio also on 14 November
  • Mercury turns direct at 18 degrees of Scorpio 26 November
  • Mercury re-enters Sagittarius and squares Neptune for the third and final time 11 December
  • Mercury returns to 4 degrees of Sagittarius (the degree at which he originally turned retrograde) 14 December
  • Mercury trines (positive aspect) Uranus at 4 degrees of Aries 14 December

In other words, whatever complex issue started at the end of October is now only just heading for resolution. In the interim any such issue will have been further complicated by all the usual retrograde Mercury ingredients – such as indecision, uncertainty, dishonesty or wrong information – but with bells on!

The opposite picture is now unfolding as Mercury’s last piece of action this week is the trine to Uranus – planet of sudden or unexpected events – who turns direct midday Thursday, within hours of the New Moon in Sagittarius, sign of truth and justice. This smacks of dramatic turnarounds/surprising or rebellious turn of events/the truth outs/hot off the press news… you get the picture.

As above, so below. In world news terms this picture feels very much like a flashpoint for any sensitive political situation, especially where democracy and rights are at stake, such as Egypt and Syria. You may also like to note that the “Frankenstorm” that hit the east coast of America happened on 29 October – these last six weeks must have been a nightmare for many in terms of putting the damage straight and working out insurance claims.

In personal terms I would suggest that this is a week to sweep away doubt and work with what you know is right. My fellow Sagittarian Lena Hjeltman therapist extraordinaire once told me something I’ve never forgotten – “no matter how hard it might be, something magical happens when you connect with the truth.” Wise words Lena!

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