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12 November 2012 – This week’s Astrology

Here it is, the week of the Total Solar Eclipse in Scorpio (exact tomorrow, 21.57 degrees of Scorpio, 22.09 GMT), followed a couple of hours later by retrograde Mercury sliding back into Scorpio (not returning to Sagittarius for another month). Award for the most symbolically appropriate news feature for me this morning goes to the BBC – Invisibility Cloaks: Will we ever really have them?”  The feature is about “cloaking” science aka “Transformation Optics” and astrologers cannot help but make the link to Pluto (one of Scorpio’s planets) and the mythology of his invisibility helmet, enabling him to leave the underworld unseen, and his symbolism of change, absence and transformation.

From a cultural point of view it’s probably quite British to say “don’t get involved”. Where I live in Greece, however, an argument or an accident on the road would empty cafes as everyone rushes in to have their say or to offer help. I think the point is to decide what you want to be involved in right now, and what you don’t. For now, in the shadowy world of the eclipse and Mercury being super secretive, the current astrology would suggest some value in “absenting” yourself and staying invisible in any situation that is highly charged or puzzlingly complex.

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29 October 2012 – This week’s Astrology

Hi everyone

Well the week doesn’t get off to the easiest of starts, which will sound like the understatement of the year if you live on the other side of the pond. This mailing goes out to readers in many different countries, including America, and there are at least three of you known to me in NYC, a city that will be waking up to lockdown as Hurricane Sandy meets up with winter storm fronts – Diane, Jen and Megan please take care.

The impending “Frankenstorm” is the out of control monster created by nature and it’s impossible not to think about the death/rebirth and horror movie genre symbolism wrapped up in the current astrology. Saturn will of course be travelling through Scorpio for the next couple of years but it’s always the ingress, the beginning of the journey, that is most interesting to astrologers. How does the shift make itself felt? In these first few weeks it’s been noticeable in many ways and a lot of things suddenly seem to be about time itself, symbolically appropriate as Saturn is known as the Lord of Time, ruling ageing, clocks, and Father Time himself.


Also the textbook Scorpio subjects of sex, death, power, secrets and subterfuge are there in abundance. Veteran news reporter John Simpson was quoted as saying that the BBC sex scandals were the worst to surface in 50 years, the then revolutionary The Joy of Sex marks its 40th anniversary and is reissued with the subtitle The Timeless Guide to Lovemaking, and the 23rd James Bond movie marks 50 years since Sean Connery made his sexy secret agent super spy debut in 1962. Now America is facing a mega-storm that is forecast to create havoc to tens of millions of people across 800 miles of the East Coast and has the potential to be the largest storm ever to hit the States. Many of these news items are ongoing.


Saturn in Scorpio is the “backdrop”. Back to the details of this week – Mercury arrived in galloping Sagittarius early this morning and is on an instant collision course with Neptune (Poseidon) in Pisces (the sign that rules all things marine). This aspect does rather sum up the idea of “deluge” (exact today at 17.41 GMT, lunchtime America). Throw in a Full Moon (today 19.51 GMT) in conflict with Saturn – it’s enough to paint a picture of evacuation for thousands of people.


For the second half of the week Venus is the troublemaker, in conflict with the outer planets of Uranus (dramatic change) and then Pluto (endings/rebuilding).


To sum up, as above – so below. The news stories are the bigger picture but also the personal story of many individuals. To personalize the astrology in your own world what are the bigger changes already going on/or that need to be made? What are you afraid of? Why is it so scary to rock the boat or do you allow feelings to swamp you? Are you “reactive” (deal with it when it happens) or “proactive” (plan ahead)? What do you need to do to get out of the path of your own hurricane? Food for thought!


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15 October 2012 – This week’s Astrology

It’s an action packed start to the week with Mars in good aspect to Uranus this morning, planet of innovation and the dramatic. My day started, as did everyone else’s here on Lefkada, with a mini hurricane blasting across the island. With thunder and lightning thrown in it was a spectacular show, but scary. For a moment I felt as if my little house was about to be uprooted and hurled over to Kansas, complete with little white dog! As above, so below… love the lead story this morning on the news of Felix Baumgartner breaking the speed of sound with his own body for capturing that Mars/Uranus crazy/brave (depending on your point of view) stunt. Love even more his words as he prepared to jump – something along the lines of you have to climb very high to understand how small you really are. He also said in the press conference that followed that at that heart stopping moment he wasn’t thinking about breaking any records, he was thinking only of his loved ones and getting home. The Wizard of Oz strikes again – there’s no place like home. Thankfully, he made it.

This picture also reflects this morning’s New Moon in Libra, sign of relationships – big R and small r. New Moons, new beginnings. There seems to be a message here that no matter what dramas may be erupting around you, it’s your relationships that really count. As always with Libra, sign of The Scales, there’s also a theme of finding balance in your life.

Finally, linking into this is a Mercury (talk) link to Venus (love), exact at 13.32 BST tomorrow. As Mercury is starting to slow down, in readiness for turning retrograde early next month, this is an aspect that will repeat next week. Heart to hearts/plans/meetings/decision processes started at this time are therefore doubly important and there will be more to come.

Thank you for supporting the weekly column, which is attracting more and more readers. Thank you especially if you’re one of those people who always forwards this blog and link to other people. Note that you can always send me email addresses for anyone who would like to receive the blog/link direct to their own inbox on Monday mornings.

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