Your Year Ahead report is very, very detailed and you must have worked very hard! I’m really happy with it, thank you!

Dave – Personal Year Ahead Report

I’m still reading through my year ahead report as there is so much to digest and take in. I can see this is going to be invaluable in terms of handling the ups and downs this year, and knowing when to take action or sit back is really helpful. Without sacrificing realism, you’ve helped me to put a positive spin even on the difficult aspects. This is something that will be a constant companion for me this year to reference each transit/situation as I go along. Wonderful and uplifting!

Ali – Personal Year Ahead Report

Many thanks for the report. It is very detailed, you have obviously done a lot of work on it and there is a lot to reflect on. It is so good to get a proper personalised report. And to have another astrologer look objectively at the chart – without all the personal bias that comes from looking at one’s own! 


Amanda – Personal Year Ahead Report

Wow! Thanks so much for the amazingly detailed and fabulously helpful report. I have read through it several times and I so appreciate the thoroughness and depth of your insight. Your observations were all spot on. I can see that it will be an invaluable companion for my year ahead, and I am already using it to help me make plans.

Laura – Personal Year Ahead Report

It is obvious that your year ahead report was such a lot of work! It is brilliant, and I am so grateful to have it. Your work is extraordinary, and you more than go the extra mile. There are moments in life when we just need some insight/guidance to help us on our way. I have been feeling nervous as I know there is a tough year ahead. But with your profound insight, guidance and compassion, I have had an inner shift, I have hope and know I will be ok.  Can’t thank you enough.

Alexandra – Personal Year Ahead Report