Generous Sagittarian warmth and razor-sharp wit, thank you for sharing your incisive astrological wisdom and practical methodology, giving us all a kind of roadmap to follow. I loved your robust guidance, your refreshing, no nonsense and principled approach: there was no room for any undisciplined thinking! Thank you Joanna! I’m already looking forward to the next workshop.

Melanie – Astrology Workshop in London

I absolutely loved the workshop and the whole approach and concept of getting all different levels of knowledge was great. I learned a lot from my fellow students as well.

Aakanksha – Astrology Workshop in London

I absolutely loved the workshops. Initially I was apprehensive about coming along as I’d only really dabbled with astrology before and didn’t have much experience with tarot cards. With both astrology and tarot cards being huge subjects, I couldn’t see how I would learn much in 2 days. I needn’t have worried though as I learned so much!  I went home with my head full of information and keen to practice doing readings. I’d love to do your courses in Greece!

Adele – Astrology & Tarot Workshops in London