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14 March 2016 – Jupiter/Pluto and the nature of change, Venus sweetness and the Spring Equinox

The Astrology Blog – 14 March 2016

You can scroll down past the blog for more detailed updates/travel info on all courses here in Greece and the forthcoming London astrology and tarot workshops. At a glance, this is what’s coming up –

London Workshops

  • Saturday 2 April – Be a Better Tarot Reader (9 of 20 places available)
  • Sunday 3 April – Understanding Astrology (8 of 20 places available)

The Greek Island Summer School

1 week courses – some are Sunday, some are Thursday flights

  • Monday 23 May – Tarot & Astrology – with guest tutor Avril Price (5 of 20 places available)
  • 6 June 2016 – Talking Tarot (8 of 10 places available)
  • 9 Sept 2016 – The Astrology of Relationships (4 of 10 places available)
  • 16 Sept 2016 – Discovering Astrology (6 of 10 places available)


What’s happening this week?

All times in GMT

“Change” is possibly the most over used word in astrology media. At some level it seems that we are all and always somehow in pursuit of change to one extent or another – why am I going through this experience, when is this going to end, what’s coming next, when will I get the job/relationship/lucky break that I need etc – and of course the predictive craft of astrology is a magnet for those longing for a better but elusive or even seemingly impossible future. One of the antidotes to the human condition of constant hankering is the rise of practices such as mindfulness and meditation, bringing us back down to earth and into the power of now, but are these two worlds mutually exclusive? As ever, it’s all about balance. Even if you’re an expert at mindfulness and meditation your future is still “out there”, and you wouldn’t be human if you didn’t think and wonder about that. Even if you’re an expert astrologer, there are times when you need to get back from the future so that you can enjoy life in the here and now. The key is probably more related to how we think about our future – do we fear it, do we battle constant anxiety or can we find a way to let it unfold, trusting that all is happening as it should? That is the ideal goal, how many of us actually achieve it is another matter! To be realistic, if we can achieve it at least some of the time, then the chances are that we are then generally more content.

When change is urgently needed the question about fate/free will become a lot more intense ie should I force the issue or should I trust that it will happen anyway? This is the $64k question. All I can say is that I’ve seen enough examples in my astrological life to know that matters “change” at their appointed time. Just last week a client who has been in a deteriorating marriage for years suddenly faced a new picture as a major transit became exact, and the Eclipse fell conjunct one of her personal planets – the “zooming in” moment of prediction –  which did indeed translate into a catalyst, presenting her with an opportunity that this time she was able to grasp.

Last week I quoted astrologer Liz Gunn – “know your chart, know yourself” – and talked about how this is also the premise for this blog. Know the astrological forecast, and you’ll be equipped for the weather. Astrology’s links to happiness are therefore twofold. Your own horoscope is unique and is a reminder to “be you”. That’s your spiritual job, that position is taken and nobody else can do it. The astrology at a universal level is an ever unfolding map of the road ahead. If you’re all at sea, at least you have a compass.

Back to that word “change”, however, and why I’ve started this week’s blogs with these thoughts. There are weeks when change is more obvious than others, and this coming week is one of them. Firstly, we’re in between two Eclipses, which always operate in pairs –

  •  A Solar Eclipse – occurs when the Sun is obscured by the shadow of the Moon at the time of a New Moon. This event took place last week at 19 degrees Pisces.
  • A Lunar Eclipse – occurs when the Moon is obscured by the shadow of the earth at the time of a Full Moon. This event will take place next week at 3 degrees Libra.

To recap from last week mostly Eclipses are considered as “power points” in a developing situation. In other words, they narrow things down with predictive work. A major aspect can be ongoing for months, but an Eclipse is just one date. The most powerful delineation of predictive astrology is –

  • A natal theme already present (eg last week’s Eclipse played into the current Jupiter/Pluto aspect, but it could be anything)
  • A major transit activating that theme
  • A New/Full Moon or Eclipse falling on a sensitive degree of the natal horoscope – an expected event will mostly then fall within a week either side of that date
  • I quoted Rupert Murdoch as an example – natal Sun is 20 degrees of Pisces, therefore conjunct the Solar Eclipse

I also flagged up the fact that Eclipses have a tricky side too. Look for the symbolism of being overshadowed by another, a light going out or power battles in triangular matters (Earth, Sun, Moon), such as affairs, promotions or redundancies. Often one person’s rise is another’s fall. Either way, Eclipses are related to new pictures in the making, ones that become evident when the shadows lift.

If you have natal planets or angles at or close to any of the Eclipse signs and degrees, or any other aspect featuring this week, then unfolding events will be especially significant for you. Here are the usual links for checking the position of your own planets and angles:

You can also try this calculator, which lists all your planets and angles rather than bringing up the visual of the horoscope, so for non astrologers it’s easier to use.

In addition to being in between the Eclipses this is also the week that the major Jupiter – Pluto aspect becomes exact. The way was paved to this event last week by the Sun playing into this aspect, and now the pattern is repeated by a very busy Mercury, currently at full speed and whizzing through Pisces. Here’s the sequence –

  • Monday Mercury 16 Pisces square Saturn 16 Sagittarius (19.27)
  • Tuesday Mercury 17 Pisces sextile Pluto 17 Capricorn (06.58) and opposite Jupiter 17 Virgo (09.43)
  • Wednesday Jupiter 17 Virgo trine Pluto 17 Capricorn (20.27)

Mercury is the winged messenger of the gods, and so if ever a message was being rammed home, it’s now. Don’t be surprised if the week gets off to a slightly tetchy or frustrating start, especially as the love planets Venus and Mars are also in square on Monday evening (20.42), but overall it’s a time to look at the bigger screen. Likely scenarios – being able to make a decision that has been a long time coming, news or information that makes a difference in terms of seeing what is possible after all, knowing what you can’t take on (the square to Saturn) and knowing what you can, accepting limitations in one area but knowing how to stretch yourself in others, adjusting your priorities in terms of what/who really matters to you and what/who doesn’t, being honest and making choices that are healthy for you even if they are unpopular with others.

In particular note Jupiter issues – anything connected to his principle of “expansion” – traditionally education, all things related to overseas, justice/legal concerns and liberation.

Pluto under harmonious aspect carries a lot of symbolic weight in terms of “rebirth” so, as I noted last week, any move that involves big change (there’s that word again…) anything that is a major step towards turning your life around gets a huge tick.

Finally note that this aspect is a sequence of three, the first one 11 October last year, the third and final one to come on 26 June. So this middle aspect may still be part of a sequence for you that will produce a final outcome in the summer.

And a correction from last week – it’s the Jupiter – Pluto conjunction that happens every 13 years, not the trine, oops! Jupiter has a 12 year cycle, Pluto crawls along with a 248 year cycle, so Jupiter catches up with him every 13 years. Within that period Jupiter catches up twice by the trine aspect, ie four signs apart. The last one was Jupiter in Taurus/Pluto in Capricorn from July 2011 to Mar 2012, the last conjunction was in Sagittarius December 2007.

What else is happening this week? You’ve guessed it, another big change event with the Spring Equinox at the weekend –

Sunday Sun ingress Aries (04.31)

As Aries is the first sign of the zodiac this is in effect the astrological New Year, the moment when the Sun arrives at 0 degrees of Aries. Retrieve those resolutions that fell by the wayside, make new ones – or both. This is more like birth than rebirth symbolism and for many of us new cycles will open with a sense of literally starting from scratch.

Finally Sunday also brings –

Sunday Venus conjunct Neptune 10 degrees of Pisces (17.47)

Venus’ first aspect this week was the scratchy square to Mars – discord – but conjunct any planet Venus is a softener, and this conjunction is especially poignant given that Neptune is dignified in his own sign and Venus is in her sign of exaltation. In terms of love and romance it doesn’t get much mushier than this! Devote Sunday to your other half, or expect definite “urge to merge” developments if you’re falling in love with someone new. Single? Pay close attention to whoever you meet this coming weekend – it could be the start of something rather wonderful. Apart from affairs of the heart also note that the Venus – Neptune union is a significant milestone for all things emotional, a little empathy will go a very long way, all things spiritual, and fantastic for dreams and creative ventures that call upon the power of the imagination. If you need ideas, or just some understanding, then split a bottle of your favourite wine (Pisces/Neptune) with a girlfriend (Venus) and see what emerges from a powwow. The other side of the coin is practical in that Venus rules money. As beautiful as this conjunction may be guard against letting your hard earned cash run through your fingers like water, but be willing to help out for a loved one in need. There is something of The Rescuer archetype wrapped up in the Pisces/Neptune combinations, look out for the sob stories, but genuine help – given or received – could make a difference at many levels.

Wishing you change of the constructive kind!

Until next week, with love from Greece





These workshops are designed to be fun as well as intensive. We cover a lot of material  and you’ll have the chance to give and receive a reading. Additional tutors will be joining us so you don’t have to worry if you’re a beginner – there’ll be lots of help and input to guide you.

Suitable for beginners to intermediate

Saturday 2 April

(9 of 20 places available)

Be a Better Tarot Reader – exploring card meanings, choosing and using the best spreads, and how to conduct a reading. Please be sure to bring a pack of tarot cards with you. I work with Rider Waite but you can bring any deck of your choice.

Sunday 3 April

(8 of 20 places available)

Understanding Astrology – So, you have a horoscope sitting in front of you, but what does it all mean? If you glaze over when looking at charts you are not alone – this is normal in the learning process! This workshop addresses how to make accurate interpretations re personality and destiny in life, love and vocation. You’ll be exploring your own horoscope in this workshop so please have your data to hand when you book – your date and place of birth, and time of birth as accurately as possible – so that I can prepare your chart in advance.

Venue for both workshops

The Theosophical Society, 50 Gloucester Place W1U 8EA
Hours – 10am-5pm

Cost – £85.00 per day, or £150.00 for both



23 May 2016 – Tarot & Astrology

(5 of 20 places available)

Suitable for all levelsHow to combine the two crafts and develop your psychic skills

We start 2016 with a visiting tutor, tarot expert and psychic medium Avril Price. I will be teaching how to use astrology as an extra string to your interpretative and divinatory bow, adding fine tuning timing to your reading without the need to draw up the whole horoscope in advance.

If you want to do this course please note that it is nearly full with new enquiries coming in almost every day – you can secure your travel package and your place on the course with deposits, you don’t have to pay everything in full up front.

This week’s top deal is from Monarch Holidays – Avra Beach Hotel

  • Avra Beach Hotel £337 – incl breakfast
  • Yiannis Hotel £351
  • Athos Hotel 375 – incl breakfast

All have ensuite shower rooms and private balconies. The price is for single person occupancy (it’s less if you’re going to share) for the week, including flights, transfers and baggage allowance. No hidden extras! Note that the Avra Beach hotel is about 5 minutes walk from the village, Yiannis and Athos Hotel are the other end of the village and just a couple of minutes walk to the main harbor.


Charter Flights have a special offer of a return flight from Gatwick for just £149 including 20k baggage allowance.  The destination airport is PREVEZA (PVK), on the mainland but we are joined by a causeway so the transfer time is 45 minutes, with no ferry links involved.

Or speak to Barry or Joanna on 0208 714 0010

If you’d like to take advantage of this contact me directly. I can arrange transfers from and back to the airport for around €20 per person each way, and accommodation for between €30-40 a night (£20-£30 a night).


6 June 2016 – Talking Tarot  

(8 of 10 places available)

Suitable for all levels

Talking Tarot is ideal for beginners or intermediate, taking you through the meanings of the 78 tarot cards, learning different spreads and teaching you how to conduct a reading. You’ll need to bring a pack of tarot card with you. I use Rider Waite but you can bring any deck of your choice. Fun, easy and inspirational!

The best deal on offer for this week at the moment is with Monarch Holidays –

  • The Avra Beach hotel is, naturally, on the beach with beautiful sea views across to the stunning mainland mountains and the former Onassis island of Scorpios. For single person occupancy the price is £421, with an on line booking discount if £74. If you are sharing the price is cheaper, £364 per person, on line discount £63 per person.
  • Also if you are sharing there is Costas and Sophie’s hotel £346 per person or the Athos Hotel £410, with the same on line discounts.


Currently on offer from Charter Flights £229 from Gatwick or £299 from Heathrow.


9 Sept 2016 – The Astrology of Relationships

Intermediate level

(4 of 10 places available)

PLEASE NOTE THESE ARE THURSDAY FLIGHTS – flying out 8th Sept, return flights the following Thursday 15th, which have turned out to be literally half the cost of the same holidays linked to Sunday flights.

The travel bargain is with Olympic Holidays, accommodation at Demetra Studios, a small block of lovely rooms set in their own gardens, on the seafront and just a few minutes walk to the main harbor.

Just £367 covers your flights, luggage allowance, accommodation (single person occupancy with ensuite bathroom and private balcony) and transfers to and from the airport. There is only this one flight coming to the island on Thursdays so if you want to do this course it’s advisable to book immediately. You can secure your package with a deposit with Olympic Holidays.

Astrologically the change of date is perfect. This course was planned to celebrate the beginning of Jupiter’s 12 month journey through Libra, the sign of partnership, and in fact Jupiter arrives in this sign exactly on the 9th. What does your horoscope tell you about the nature of your relationships? How to locate your love life in your chart, everything from meetings to marriages. How to interpret synastry, the comparison of two horoscopes that reveals the chemistry – and the issues! We’ll be working with transits and progressions. Suitable for intermediate level.

16 Sept 2016 – Discovering Astrology

(8 of 10 places available)


Lift astrology out of the Sun sign columns and discover the fascinating world of horoscopy. You’ll be exploring your own horoscope as well as working with examples from my own practice and the world of celebs. Suitable for beginners and refreshers.

This course starts on a Friday, flights on Thursday, and the deal with Olympic Holidays is even cheaper than the previous week. Just £331 covers your flights, luggage allowance, accommodation (single person occupancy with ensuite bathroom and private balcony) and transfers to and from the airport. There is only this one flight coming to the island on Thursdays so if you want to do this course it’s advisable to book immediately. You can secure your package with a deposit with Olympic Holidays.



There’s another event coming up in Greece, offered by the OPA – The Organization for Professional Astrology based in the US.

“The program consists of an Astrology Conference in Athens, (May 27 to 30, 2016), and a tour in sacred Sites (Mainland and Islands: May 31 to June 9, 2016). This is a special opportunity to return to the Hellenistic roots of Astrology, and connect with the greater astrology community in Europe.”

If you want to find out more about what the OPA has to offer here are the links:



The Bolton Astrological Society




10.30AM – 4.30PM




Awkward Planetary Combinations


Humour in the Horoscope                                              

For more information contact –

Jennifer Staveley-Hall 01942 810743


Birmingham Astrology Group

Founded 2006 – Regular guest speakers throughout the year – Meets on the 1st Saturday of every month 2.00pm – 5.00pm
Venue: The Perry Tree Centre, Dovedale Road, Birmingham, B23 5BX

  • Sat, 5th March, 2016:  Up Close and PersonalA Workshop with Andrew Morton
  • Sat, 2nd April, 2016:  Annual Group Review.  Retrograde Planets:  An investigation led by group member Chris
  • Sat, 7th May, 2016:  Astrology and DNA, A Journey into the Heart of MatterAn afternoon workshop with Sue Martin

Contact: Chris Bason

The Birmingham Astrological Centre 

Founded in 1982, this centre specialises in teaching a high standard professional training for Astrologers. The centre runs weekly and fortnightly classes, an average of 5 courses a week, throughout the year, on Psychological, Spiritual, Karmic and Esoteric astrology, and meditation, along with regular weekend workshops on Asteroids and Asteroid Goddesses.

There are 4 Retreats a year on major Astrological events, Planetary and Fixed Star Alignments on the earth and Transpersonal Psychology.

For further details, contact  Lynne Kirwan:

Recommended Reading

Binary Stars – the Astrology of Marriage and Divorce

by Karon Meakin

If you’re coming along to the Astrology of Relationships week in September or if this is an area of astrology that interests you, this is the book for you! As Karon writes in her introduction –

It is a reasonable bet that the subject of human relationships has consumed more ink, celluloid and guitar strings than were ever spent in disseminating the wisdom of all the philosophers and the biography of all the generals who have shaped the world

Her book addresses the following –

What do the birth charts of people who are happily married look like?
How do they compare with the charts of the divorced?
Is there a difference in their wedding charts?
How does what we already know about astrology help us understand what makes a relationship work?
How does what we already know about two sets of real life relationships help us to improve our astrology?
Is there any hope if your chart looks more like the ‘wrong’ sort?
Find out more or download free pdfs on Karon’s site –




  1. Hi there, Joanna – just wanted to leave you a note again and let you know how much I’m enjoying getting to know your astrological perspective – and a sense of your work. I feel we have much in common in terms of the connection to other ways of “knowing” and how it all intersects and weaves a bigger map of our consciousness and the cosmos. I can’t imagine myself or my life without astrology and the deeper understanding of non linear reality. “knowing myself” is an essential link to the Universal Knowing and truths that come to me through the planetary messengers.

    The astrology of this moment in human history is profoundly interesting. Thanks for contributing your voice. 🙂
    Many Blessings & Happy almost Equinox! Liz

    • joanna

      Hi Liz, many thanks for your comments. My weekly blog is very important to me, it’s become a passion, and I really appreciate the interest and support. It’s great to connect with you, we definitely have a lot in common re our astrological perspective and understanding of symbolism. Keep up your good work on the other side of the pond! With love from Greece Joanna 🙂

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