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Welcome to the fascinating world of Astrology & Tarot

The Greek Island Summer School is now in its 16th season and is all about combining the fascinating subjects of astrology or tarot with a week’s holiday on this beautiful Ionian island of Lefkada. You can click on the testimonial links in the drop down menus above to read what the many students have to say, or visit The Greek Island Summer School club on Facebook:

The Astrology Blog is normally posted every Monday morning, featuring the major astrological events of the coming week with easy to understand interpretations, helping us to understand and navigate unfolding events in our lives. This will be back later in the year - everything has been on hold owing to family circumstances - but the Summer School 2017 is definitely going ahead. Do contact me here if you are interested in joining one of the courses.

15 February 2017 - Contact me direct if you would like more information or if you have any questions, no matter how small. The two courses definitely running so far are as follows -

Thursday 11 May - Talking Tarot

Flights out Wednesday 10 May/Flights home Wednesday 17 May 4 of 8 places available This course is suitable for beginners through to intermediate. We'll be covering card meanings, different spreads, and how to conduct a reading for yourself and for others. The package deal for this week is with Olympic Holidays, single occupancy of a twin bedded room, ensuite and private balcony, in a small family run hotel on the seafront in Nidri. This is currently on offer at £320.00 incl baggage allowance. Transfers by shared taxi, approximately €15 per head each way.  

Friday 2 June - Predictive Astrology 

Flights out Thursday 1 June/Flights home Thursday 8 June 4 of 8 places available This course is suitable for intermediate students. We'll be starting with a day of chart interpretation techniques but then moving on to focus on transits and progressions, and other predictive tools. The same package deal as above is on offer for this week at £333.00     ..........................................................................................................................................

New Venue for Joanna Watters Greek Summer School


 The Greek Island Summer School is held at the beautiful Villa Jorgos. The views across Nidri are spectacular – it’s hard to believe that it’s only five minutes drive away from the village.

  • The villa has the perfect outdoor “classroom”, complete with outside bar and pool.
  • There is a wide range of choice of accommodation in Nidri and transport is provided to and from the villa each day.
  • In September Friday/Saturday and Monday/Tuesday are the study days, ending at 3.30pm so that you have time to enjoy the rest of the day as you wish - sunbathing, resting or exploring.
  • A freshly prepared buffet lunch is provided on the four study days for 50 Euros a head for the week. Special dietary needs can be catered for. All drinks, course materials, and transport to and from the villa, are otherwise included in the course fee, held at £295.00 for the fourth year running. There are no hidden extras.
  • Group meals are organized for every evening. These are optional, out of class hours are your own, but you don't have to be alone unless you wish to be. 
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September astrology courses

September Astrology and Tarot courses will be running, dates to be announced soon. They will include a beginners course –

Discovering Astrology

Lift astrology out of the Sun sign columns and discover the fascinating world of horoscopy – how to work with individual charts and interpret the natal configurations in terms of character, vocation and life/love experiences and potential. Take your first steps too in predictive work, understanding the horoscope as a mechanism in perpetual motion, throwing light on the past, present and future.

How to get here

Contact me direct for all updated flight and packages information to our local airport of PREVEZA – just 45 minutes transfer time to the village of Nidri on Lefkada.


The Astrology Blog 21 March 2016

The Astrology Blog 21 March 2016

What’s happening this week?

All times in GMT

If you have natal planets or angles at or close to any of the signs and degrees of the aspects featuring this week, then unfolding events will be especially significant for you. Here are the usual links for checking the position of your own planets and angles:

You can also try this calculator, which lists all your planets and angles rather than bringing up the visual of the horoscope, so for non astrologers it’s easier to use.

It’s now officially spring as the Sun entered Aries yesterday at 04.31 GMT. As I commented last week the spring equinox is the astrological New Year, the moment the Sun arrives at 0 degrees of the first sign of the zodiac. This “fresh start” message is underlined with Mercury following suit –

Tuesday Mercury ingress Aries (00.20)

From Be Your Own Astrologer

“If you want to get the vibe of Mercury in speed freak Mars’ sign then look no further than Anita Renfroe. She’s born on a New Moon (Sun and Moon) in Aries as well as having Mercury in this sign.  She condenses everything a mother would say into less than three minutes and belts it out to the tune of William Tell.  It made her a U Tube sensation.

This Mercury thinks in straight lines and gets to the point. Speech is quick fire and incisive…The downside is impatience, snap decisions that are not properly thought out or difficulty with entering into debate. Oh, you mean there are other opinions?… A client with a partner with this Mercury stated that the biggest problem was listening to him having his say but then finding it impossible to have her own. He always went first and once he had got things off his own chest he simply assumed that the “conversation” was over. Nothing was ever properly resolved and the relationship ended, to his mystification and her relief. “

So why not get your week off to a humourous start with Anita Renfroe’s “Mommisms” – funny and incredibly talented, well worth a watch – and then do everything you can to make sure that you catch spring fever. Mercury the mind planet is ideas, thoughts and communication in all its guises, including the written word. A textbook way to use this “clean sheet” Mercury is to write your own to do list and start with a few easy things so that you can start ticking immediately. This definitely fits for me as I’m leaving for London in five days time and my own to do list runs the whole gamut from “book hotel” to “vital things to tell house sitter”.

Bear in mind the need to negotiate if you have personal or business issues to resolve, but essentially the Aries modus operandi is “do it now” and keep it incisive. This is not the time for long winded explanations or epistle type emails when a few sentences will do the job. There are also some very positive Mercury aspects coming up this week as he starts his full speed journey through Aries (22 March to 6 April) with the Sun and Mars as companions. Here’s the sequence –

  • Wednesday Sun conjunct Mercury 3 degrees Aries (20.12)
  • Thursday Mercury 4 degrees Aries trine Mars 4 degrees Sagittarius (22.46)
  • Saturday Sun 6 degrees Aries trine Mars 6 degrees Sagittarius (10.34)

Note that any planet conjunct the Sun (to within 17′ of arc) is said to be “Cazimi”. This means that the other planet involved sits in the heart of the Sun, drawing immense power. The Sun illuminates so pay close attention to whatever comes to light for you on Wednesday evening. Mercury – Mars aspects can be contentious, but by good aspect – like the trine – we have the chance to get to the point and say it how it is. The Sun – Mars aspect, harmonious and in fire signs, is practically unbeatable for swinging into action and going places, mentally or geographically.

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Astrology and Tarot workshops in London – 2 & 3 April 2016


Suitable for beginners to intermediate

These workshops are designed to be fun as well as intensive. We cover a lot of material  and you’ll have the chance to give and receive a reading, or observe others if you prefer. Additional tutors will be joining us so you don’t have to worry if you’re a beginner – there’ll be lots of help and input to guide you.


Be a Better Tarot Reader

Saturday 2 April

(9 of 20 places available)

In this workshop we’ll be exploring the 78 Tarot cards, their traditional meanings and how to interpret them more specifically within the context of a reading. We’ll also focus on choosing and using the best spreads, and how to conduct a reading. Please be sure to bring a pack of tarot cards with you. I work with Rider Waite but you can bring any deck of your choice.


Understanding Astrology

Sunday 3 April

(8 of 20 places available)

So, you have a horoscope sitting in front of you, but what does it all mean? If you glaze over when looking at charts you are not alone – this is normal in the learning process! This workshop addresses how to zoom in on the important details, and how to make accurate interpretations re personality and destiny in life, love and vocation. You’ll be exploring your own horoscope in this workshop so please have your data to hand when you book – your date and place of birth, and time of birth as accurately as possible – so that I can prepare your chart in advance.

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14 March 2016 – Jupiter/Pluto and the nature of change, Venus sweetness and the Spring Equinox

The Astrology Blog – 14 March 2016

You can scroll down past the blog for more detailed updates/travel info on all courses here in Greece and the forthcoming London astrology and tarot workshops. At a glance, this is what’s coming up –

London Workshops

  • Saturday 2 April – Be a Better Tarot Reader (9 of 20 places available)
  • Sunday 3 April – Understanding Astrology (8 of 20 places available)

The Greek Island Summer School

1 week courses – some are Sunday, some are Thursday flights

  • Monday 23 May – Tarot & Astrology – with guest tutor Avril Price (5 of 20 places available)
  • 6 June 2016 – Talking Tarot (8 of 10 places available)
  • 9 Sept 2016 – The Astrology of Relationships (4 of 10 places available)
  • 16 Sept 2016 – Discovering Astrology (6 of 10 places available)


What’s happening this week?

All times in GMT

“Change” is possibly the most over used word in astrology media. At some level it seems that we are all and always somehow in pursuit of change to one extent or another – why am I going through this experience, when is this going to end, what’s coming next, when will I get the job/relationship/lucky break that I need etc – and of course the predictive craft of astrology is a magnet for those longing for a better but elusive or even seemingly impossible future. One of the antidotes to the human condition of constant hankering is the rise of practices such as mindfulness and meditation, bringing us back down to earth and into the power of now, but are these two worlds mutually exclusive? As ever, it’s all about balance. Even if you’re an expert at mindfulness and meditation your future is still “out there”, and you wouldn’t be human if you didn’t think and wonder about that. Even if you’re an expert astrologer, there are times when you need to get back from the future so that you can enjoy life in the here and now. The key is probably more related to how we think about our future – do we fear it, do we battle constant anxiety or can we find a way to let it unfold, trusting that all is happening as it should? That is the ideal goal, how many of us actually achieve it is another matter! To be realistic, if we can achieve it at least some of the time, then the chances are that we are then generally more content.

When change is urgently needed the question about fate/free will become a lot more intense ie should I force the issue or should I trust that it will happen anyway? This is the $64k question. All I can say is that I’ve seen enough examples in my astrological life to know that matters “change” at their appointed time. Just last week a client who has been in a deteriorating marriage for years suddenly faced a new picture as a major transit became exact, and the Eclipse fell conjunct one of her personal planets – the “zooming in” moment of prediction –  which did indeed translate into a catalyst, presenting her with an opportunity that this time she was able to grasp.

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