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Venus sextile Jupiter

21 December 2015 – The Astrology Christmas Blog

The Astrology Blog 21 December 2015

All times stated in GMT
A huge thank you to everyone who’s supported the weekly blog throughout the year, and wishing everyone Happy Solstice! The Sun entered Capricorn this morning –

Tuesday Sun ingress Capricorn (04.49)

In the northern hemisphere this marks the shortest day, and therefore the moment when the days start to get longer again. Symbolically, the solstices (when the Sun appears to stand still) and the equinoxes (when the northern and southern hemispheres are equally illuminated) are powerful markers in terms of new cycles. These events are when the Sun reaches 0 degrees of Aries (spring equinox), Cancer (summer solstice), Libra (autumn equinox) and Capricorn (winter solstice). 0 degrees is where it all starts, just like The Fool, the first card of the Tarot, who is numbered zero rather than number one. If you have any planets or angles at 0 degrees in your own horoscope this symbolizes a point of huge potential and will manifest either through your work or through a key relationship.
Here are the usual links for checking the position of your own planets and angles:

You can also try this calculator, which lists all your planets and angles rather than bringing up the visual of the horoscope, so for non astrologers it’s easier to use.

So, pay close attention to unfolding events today, especially with regard to the Capricorn concerns of career, purpose and plans for the future connected to your security and long term prosperity. Business matters are winding down for the festive break but nevertheless the seeds that are sown this week could easily show signs of growth and potential in the New Year.

Apologies for the brevity of this blog – regular readers know that normal activity has rather ground to a halt in our household, but we’re so thankful to have Mike home and we now have the chance to treat his cancer from the naturopath angle. All my feelings about hospital being the last place where you can get well (once the essentials of surgical intervention are done) were validated by this article on the BBC over the weekend. In the words of a doctor, this is what patients are exposed to:

“What do we do to them? We sleep-deprive them, we malnourish them, we stress them, we disturb their circadian [sleep] rhythms, we put them at bed rest and de-condition them, we confuse them with lots of different people and new routines – we don’t give them any control.”

An optimistic Sag will always find the upside in even the most arduous of circumstances. Sue and Mike are the sort of couple that make everyone else green with envy – in the nicest possible sense! – but she says his illness has brought them even closer. I see this with my own eyes on a daily basis. So this Christmas my thoughts are definitely along the lines of… finding the perfect opportunity to spoil and enjoy those you love, and enjoying all the things that good health allows you to share.

From the serious to the more frivolous, Saturn transiting my Sun is being a right misery … the truck that was on its way to Greece with everyone’s UK purchases got impounded by customs on Friday in the UK (right on cue for the Mercury – Pluto conjunction, they weren’t happy with the paperwork!). This is a regular consignment that delivers to Lefkada throughout the year but of course this time this one includes my champagne, gifts, Xmas pudding … so it’s just as well that am not doing any actual entertaining this year! Hopefully it will all be on its way soon as one of the best aspects of this month is coming up –

Thursday Venus sextile Jupiter (10.04)

Any Venus – Jupiter combo by harmonious aspect is good news, although this one is somewhat compromised by the fact that both are currently travelling through their signs of detriment, Venus in Scorpio and Jupiter in Virgo. Nevertheless these are the “benefics” of the heavens and between them they rule the all the goodies of life – love, pleasure, money, luck, opportunity, generosity and anything/anyone that makes your world a better and more enjoyable place. As this aspect is exact on Thursday morning it’s “applying” (moving towards exactitude) the day before so that picks out Wednesday evening as probably the most sociable of the week. As well as being known as jovial Jupiter (Santa is definitely a Jupiterian!) he also rules all things foreign and long distance travel so this bodes well for those of you are on the move for Christmas… and for that truck!!

We have some lovely astrology for Christmas Day too –

Friday Full Moon at 3 degrees Cancer (11.13)

This is the Moon’s own sign, placing hearth, home and family in the spotlight. As ever though, look out for the domestics! Full Moons are notorious for sensitizing any personal issues that are already sore points. Better to take a leaf out of Cancer’s book and “crab walk” away from touchy subjects, and to allow others to do the same.
Helpful conversations however are another matter as the Mercury – Jupiter trine (harmonious) that is a sequence of three, as I mentioned last week, also starts on Christmas Day.

• Friday 25 December 23 degrees Capricorn/23 degrees Virgo
• Friday 15 January 23 degrees Capricorn/23 degrees Virgo (Mercury retrograde)
• Saturday 6 February 22 degrees Capricorn/22 degrees Virgo

In brief Mercury rules everything connected to communication and information, so this repeating aspect to Jupiter, planet of good fortune, signals that an issue/subject/idea etc will be up for a lot of discussion, not just for now but over the next weeks. Look out for anything that gets the ball rolling. If you’re meeting people for the first time you may well strike up a new friendship, or you may want to get back in touch with someone who’s been important to you in the past. Such scenarios are especially important if you have planets or angles at or close to 22/23 degrees of the earth signs – the ones mentioned above, Virgo and Capricorn, and also Taurus.

The final astrological event of the week is on Boxing Day –

Saturday Uranus turns direct at 16 degrees Aries (03.54)

As with all the outer planets Uranus spends many months in retrograde motion (unlike the personal planets, eg Mercury is only ever retrograde for three weeks at a time). Uranus turned retrograde at 20 degrees of Aries at the end of July, has backtracked only four degrees over the last five months, and will eventually get back to 20 Aries at the beginning of April. So this gives you an idea of the long and winding road taken by these meanderers, and they spend many months “stuck” on one degree, but their turning points are worth noting. As above, so below. Look out for turning points that reflect Uranus the rebel – planet of sudden, dramatic or unexpected change – getting back to business. This is especially applicable if you have planets or angles at 16 degrees of any of the fire signs – Aries, Leo, Sag – or in the cardinal signs of Aries, Cancer, Libra or Capricorn.

However you’re celebrating stay safe, have fun, and I hope to post a New Year blog next week,
Love from Greece until then

13 October 2014 – Sowing love and money seeds, watch out for Mercury in mischief mode

The Astrology Blog – w/b 13 October 2014

All times stated are in BST.

Well it feels like a long time since I saw such lovely astrology unfolding but, in answer to recent questions, I’m going to start on a cautionary note with regard to recognizing the difference between universal astrology – the stuff of blogs and columns – and natal astrology – the stuff of your individual horoscope. It is sometimes nothing short of astonishing to see how universal astrology plays out, in events unfolding for us and around us, and the bigger backdrop events out in the world, but this doesn’t overrule the planetary activity in your own chart. If you are, for example, having heavy going Saturn or Pluto transits then you still have to do battle with those, in your own scenario and in your own way. However, when we get a week of stunning aspects such as this one ahead of us it can still be an oasis or an opportunity to rope in the kind of help you need, or it will bring experiences that you will look back on as formative, even if you didn’t think they were that great at the time.

The week starts with a harmonious link between Venus (traditionally the Lesser Benefic) and Jupiter (the Greater Benefic) –

Tuesday Venus sextile Jupiter (09.34)

The 24 hours before an aspect is exact is when the symbolism plays out at its strongest so this means that this aspect is in operation throughout Monday. This gets the week off to a positive start, especially as Venus is currently travelling through her own sign of Libra, sign of partnership, and Jupiter is blazing away in bold and fiery Leo. This aspect happens when both planets are at 18 degrees of their respective signs so if you have air or fire planets at or close to this degree then this aspect will be especially pertinent to you.

What might this mean? Apart from the obvious message of enjoying your relationship – there is hardly a better showing for love and passion than this – look out too for themes of generosity, growth and optimism within all your close and important relationships with a small “r”. If you need help then ask for it, if you see where help is needed then offer it – unconditionally. Under this aspect we have the chance to do what is right for a loved one even if, or especially if, it’s a departure from our normal way of being and thinking. Jupiter rules freedom – claiming it or giving it. Jupiter in Leo, the sign that rules the heart, is all about being wholehearted and creative. How can we be fully creative individuals if we are tethered to others through any kind of dependency? Working with a client last week we were remembering the basic spiritual truths of human relationships, especially marriage, as encapsulated by Kahlil Gibran in The Prophet. It’s a beautiful read if you don’t know it and the main point is the healthiness of separateness. “The oak and the cypress grow not in each other’s shadow”. The Venus – Jupiter message spans the whole spectrum from being a fully fledged individual within a solid relationship to the liberation of cutting ties if you’re unhappy with someone who is wrong for you.

If you’re unattached clock who you meet this week, or how a connection is developing with someone you’re already attracted to. Also note the same in business scenarios. Jupiter absolutely loves sowing seeds and work contacts or business ideas are full of promise. I’ve commented before that positive Venus – Jupiter contacts nearly always bring good news for me on the work front.

The second aspect of the week is also a sextile –

Wednesday Sun sextile Mars (08.20)

Again, note that this aspect is likely to be at its most powerful throughout Tuesday. Also note that this aspect forms when both planets are at 21 degrees of their respective signs – Sun in Libra and Mars in Sagittarius – so again if you have air or fire planets at or close to this degree then this aspect will be especially significant for you.
The Sun (the life force) and Mars (god of war) are a formidable combination. However it’s always necessary to consider the nature of the signs they occupy. With the Sun in partnership Libra all plans needs to be tempered with a “stop and think” policy, especially in relation to how your words, decisions or actions may impact on others. Healthy relationships are characterized by constant negotiation – the continual consultation of it’s your turn to do this, it’s my turn to do that, what do you think, what do you want – whether you’re talking about the evening meal or life changing plans for the future.
This message is powerfully underlined by the fact that Mercury is currently retrograde and also in Libra, having reversed back into this sign last Friday. This is potentially a troublesome thread as this puts all communication issues on red alert. If you feel as if you’ve been missing the point then you probably have. Don’t hesitate to ask for clarification with regard to any important matter currently under discussion and avoid making final decisions, at least not without a get out clause. Also avoid major purchases, especially in relation to the textbook Mercury ruled concerns of “communication and transport.” No astrologer would ever buy a computer or a car under a retrograde Mercury!
Worst case scenario is deception. Note that this planet rules the hands and dexterity and is therefore the archetype of the magician – but also of the trickster and thief. When Mercury is retrograde it takes a lot longer to get at the truth or for the penny to drop.
Best case scenario is going back over old ground and working with second chances. It’s the ideal time for retrieving ideas and plans that somehow slipped the net first time around, to say what you wish you had said first time around, or for reworking agreements that have sprung leaks. Look closely at what is not working for you and identify what needs to be changed. Also note that past experience can be called upon.
Look out for all of these themes in the second half of the week as Mercury links with the Sun, Mars and Venus in quick succession –
Thursday Sun conjunct Mercury (21.41)
Friday Mercury sextile Mars (02.50) and Mercury conjunct Venus (18.57)

This adds up to a very lively combination. Good news, meeting new people, going for interviews, developing financial ideas, making plans, heart to hearts, writing, catching up with friends, making or receiving invitations – you get the picture. If you want to make changes in your work or social life this is a wonderful time to get busy or simply to grab the chances that present themselves.

If you’re looking for love or building a new romance this week is ticking a lot of boxes, especially as we finish with the love planets aligning with each other. This aspect will be exact –

Next Monday 20th – Venus sextile Mars (06.20)

Therefore this aspect will be “applying” – in the making – over the coming weekend. Focus on having fun. With the thread of retrograde Mercury the time is not right for expecting certainty or commitment too soon or if someone isn’t ready, or available. Anyone who is extricating themselves from a previous relationship will still have a lot to deal with. Mercury will be turning direct again on the 25th so I’ll be talking more about this next week, but for now there’s still a way to go and nothing can be taken for granted.

16 June 2014 – Love luck, rethinks, News from the heart of the Sun and the Summer Solstice

The Astrology Blog – w/b 16 June 2014

All times stated are in BST.

I think it’s safe to say that regular readers or regular followers of astrology will know that Mercury is currently retrograde. Planets don’t literally go backwards of course but the astronomy of this phenomenon is all to do with the apparent direction of a planet as seen through the line of vision from Earth. As noted last week the textbook definition of this event – that happens roughly three times a year for three weeks at a time – is “problems with transport and communication”. My inbox abounds with stories, such as having broadband installed at home only to find that it doesn’t work and that the cost for “fixing” it falls to the client… being charged for calls never made… a medical diagnosis connected to the mouth that turns out to be a rare condition for which there is no real treatment… cars being off the road, and so on. Here we’ve been waiting all week for a delivery from a truck coming from the UK only to learn last night that it broke down in Belgium.

All of these stories illustrate that retrograde Mercury issues are often those that are not of our own making. The usual caution applies until he turns direct again, such as buying yourself time for major decisions or being vigilant about your security and possessions, but there’s a limit to how much we can actually predict or anticipate his havoc loving antics. Nearly always there is a waiting game involved or a sense of “back to the drawing board”. This theme is especially strong this week as Mercury turned retrograde on 7 June in the early degrees of Cancer, but tomorrow reverses back into Gemini (11.06). This is a plus point because this is one of Mercury’s own signs and it feels promising for coming up with answers or reworked agreements. Be willing to thrash out details. Gemini is the sign of the Twins so “double” checking, plan B or looking at other options, or entering into partnership personally or in business are all part of the picture.

Also roughly halfway through every retrograde period Mercury meets up with the Sun. So this week we have Sun conjunct Mercury on Thursday (23.51). From a craft point of view we are now in the realm of combust and cazimi planets. What does that mean?
If another planet is conjunct the Sun to within seven and a half degrees then that other planet is said to be combust. This means that it is weakened by its closeness to the Sun, whose powerful rays can burn and overwhelm. However, if a planet conjuncts the Sun to within 17 minutes (ie, just over quarter of a degree) it is then said to be cazimi. In this position the other planet is said to be in the heart of the Sun and is extremely powerful, drawing upon the solar strength and energy rather than being destroyed by it.
In real terms, then, pay close attention to information or events unfolding midweek as there is a good chance that you will find yourself at “the heart of the matter” and will then know how to proceed. Matters that need further work or time will probably not reach true resolution until Mercury starts turning around again at the end of the month but you should get the sense of being on the right track.
There is also a feel good factor this week in the shape of Venus sextile (harmonious aspect) Jupiter on Wednesday at 10.17. These two planets are known as the Benefics – they are good for us – and they rule the sweet and positive things of life. In a nutshell Venus is love/pleasure and Jupiter is opportunity/good fortune. They are especially strong at the moment as Venus is in her own sign of Taurus and Jupiter is in Cancer, his sign of exaltation. In the run up to this aspect becoming exact say yes to invites, make holiday plans, be generous, enjoy your girlfriends and family, and generally make the most of any opportunity to enjoy the sweet things of life. Single? Anyone you meet this week could be a gift.
Finally we mark the Summer Solstice this coming weekend as the Sun enters Cancer on Saturday at 11.52. The Solstice, also called ‘Litha’, is the moment when the Sun appears to stand still as we mark the transition from the days getting longer, back to the days getting shorter. In astrology the Sun symbolizes the life force, consciousness and vitality, so what better time than the longest day of the year to value and honour your health, happiness and the gift of life itself.


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