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Well here it is, the week of the Big Prophecy. There are trillions of words out there on the internet about 21 December 2012 and it’s not within the scope of this blog to explore the many interpretations. They boil down to the dawning of a new spiritual era, or apocalyptic doomsday end of the world events. I read recently that some people, especially children, have even had to receive counseling to allay their fears about the latter, which is saddening. I am not an expert on the Mayan calendar but, as an astrologer, I am most definitely anti irresponsible alarmism.

My prediction for this week? The world is not going to end. I feel very safe in making this pronouncement because if it does end then we won’t be around to discuss it, and if it doesn’t then I’ll be proved right. Lol.

Seriously, back to the real point of this blog which is to pinpoint the astrological themes of the week. Mercury is opposing Jupiter today, signalling an “excess” factor. Whatever Jupiter touches, he expands, and as Mercury rules everything to do with communication it’s the perfect day to send out all your Xmas greetings, write cards, emails, and generally get in touch. Discussions are in there too – something may need a lot of debate – but just guard against exaggeration or rash commitments.

Wednesday brings the Venus – Uranus trine – weird, whacky and possibly wonderful. Although the trine is a harmonious aspect, and Venus of course is love and pleasure, just note that Uranus is all about unpredictability. Friday is the long awaited Winter Solstice as the Sun moves into Capricorn (11.13 GMT). The Sun’s first aspect is an easy one to Neptune in his own sign of Pisces but the event is also flanked by an awkward Jupiter – Saturn – Pluto dance that plays out into Saturday. Again, watch out for that over-the-top element or events that won’t fully make sense until a later date.

This line up is a reminder that this is a sensitive time of year for a lot of people. Look after yourself as well as looking out for those you care about, and enjoy a festive week.

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15 October 2012 – This week’s Astrology

It’s an action packed start to the week with Mars in good aspect to Uranus this morning, planet of innovation and the dramatic. My day started, as did everyone else’s here on Lefkada, with a mini hurricane blasting across the island. With thunder and lightning thrown in it was a spectacular show, but scary. For a moment I felt as if my little house was about to be uprooted and hurled over to Kansas, complete with little white dog! As above, so below… love the lead story this morning on the news of Felix Baumgartner breaking the speed of sound with his own body for capturing that Mars/Uranus crazy/brave (depending on your point of view) stunt. Love even more his words as he prepared to jump – something along the lines of you have to climb very high to understand how small you really are. He also said in the press conference that followed that at that heart stopping moment he wasn’t thinking about breaking any records, he was thinking only of his loved ones and getting home. The Wizard of Oz strikes again – there’s no place like home. Thankfully, he made it.

This picture also reflects this morning’s New Moon in Libra, sign of relationships – big R and small r. New Moons, new beginnings. There seems to be a message here that no matter what dramas may be erupting around you, it’s your relationships that really count. As always with Libra, sign of The Scales, there’s also a theme of finding balance in your life.

Finally, linking into this is a Mercury (talk) link to Venus (love), exact at 13.32 BST tomorrow. As Mercury is starting to slow down, in readiness for turning retrograde early next month, this is an aspect that will repeat next week. Heart to hearts/plans/meetings/decision processes started at this time are therefore doubly important and there will be more to come.

Thank you for supporting the weekly column, which is attracting more and more readers. Thank you especially if you’re one of those people who always forwards this blog and link to other people. Note that you can always send me email addresses for anyone who would like to receive the blog/link direct to their own inbox on Monday mornings.

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24 September 2012 – This week’s Astrology

As you know by now the Uranus – Pluto square has been dominating the astrological news. Just to summarise, the second of 7 contacts was exact last week, the third contact won’t be until May of next year. At the weekend the Sun will oppose Uranus and square Pluto, and the Full Moon then falls at 7 degrees Aries, exactly conjunct Uranus and square Pluto. In other words, the themes of this major aspect will be re-invoked and illuminated. If you’re dealing with any ongoing situation that reflects the “earthquake” symbolism – shock, upheaval, the unexpected, news that has sent shockwaves rippling through your life or your community, big life changes etc – then this coming weekend is likely to mark a landmark/light bulb moment – a significant link in the chain of events still unfolding. The bigger message is not to be sucked into any whirlpool of drama but to find your footholds and deal with one thing at a time.

Along the way we have a harmonious and helpful Mercury – Jupiter link on Wednesday – exact at 15.10 BST. This is the classic “good news” contact and it’s also fantastic for doing deals or making agreements/inspired decisions that will change life for the better. All matters linked to negotiation, education, travel, legal concerns and publishing get an especially big tick.

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This week’s Astrology – 17 September 2012

If ever there was a time for looking for the deeper meaning this week is it. The awkward dance of the two outer planets – Uranus and Pluto – continues as they square up to each other for the second time. The first square was 24 June of this year and, rather overwhelmingly, this contact happens a total of 7 times, the final contact being mid March 2015. These outer planets tend to act as the global backdrop to social, political and financial reform, often through anarchic or dramatic events, but for some this kind of change will also play out in the personal arena. For now, if you have planets/angles at around 7 degrees of the cardinal signs of Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn then you are more likely to experience your own life changing events.

It may sound contradictory for an astrologer to talk about living in the moment but given the Uranus/Pluto “panic factor” I feel very strongly that it’s worth finding that quiet space inside you even if everything else has stopped making any sense!

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With love from Greece


10 September 2012 – This week’s Astrology

Hi everyone

We’re still building up for the next stage of the ongoing Uranus/Pluto square but it won’t be exact until next week. For now I would say that this is a week to find that work/life balance, and to dwell less on anything that’s out of your control. This afternoon’s Sun/Mercury conjunction in detail loving Virgo is ideal for sorting out your own priorities and getting the week off to a productive start. It’s also great for news, decisions or helpful info, especially those related to work or health.

The Venus/Uranus trine (harmonious) is exact early Thursday morning. A big injection of fun, romance and spontaneity ensures that life is not all work and no play. This combination usually brings a few surprises too!

The New Moon in Virgo is exact in the early hours of Sunday. New Moons are new brooms that sweep clean. Again, work and health issues top Virgo’s bill but all things prosper if you’re prepared to put in the effort or make serious commitments.

Here’s the link to the weekly column on Avon Connects:

With love from Greece


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