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The Whacky World of Uranus, Changes & Curiosity, Greece 2020 Schedule

Venus, Mars, Sun and Mercury in that order are all aligning with Uranus this week, and just about anything could happen. Long live rebellion! If you’re sick of being a cog in a wheel, or running your life in a way that suits other people but is not that great for you, or if you’re working for a company with old style management, these aspects could be supremely helpful.

Uranus the Mover & Shaker, How to Stay on Your Feet, Royal Family Horoscopes – 14 May 2018

The Astrology Blog 14 May 2018 If you want to check the sign and degrees in your own natal chart here’s the link to Astrotheme. Enter your data into the boxes provided: What’s Happening this Week? Well if you’re a follower of astrology you can’t have failed to miss the hoo-ha about the Big…