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Spring Equinox

14 March 2016 – Jupiter/Pluto and the nature of change, Venus sweetness and the Spring Equinox

The Astrology Blog – 14 March 2016

You can scroll down past the blog for more detailed updates/travel info on all courses here in Greece and the forthcoming London astrology and tarot workshops. At a glance, this is what’s coming up –

London Workshops

  • Saturday 2 April – Be a Better Tarot Reader (9 of 20 places available)
  • Sunday 3 April – Understanding Astrology (8 of 20 places available)

The Greek Island Summer School

1 week courses – some are Sunday, some are Thursday flights

  • Monday 23 May – Tarot & Astrology – with guest tutor Avril Price (5 of 20 places available)
  • 6 June 2016 – Talking Tarot (8 of 10 places available)
  • 9 Sept 2016 – The Astrology of Relationships (4 of 10 places available)
  • 16 Sept 2016 – Discovering Astrology (6 of 10 places available)


What’s happening this week?

All times in GMT

“Change” is possibly the most over used word in astrology media. At some level it seems that we are all and always somehow in pursuit of change to one extent or another – why am I going through this experience, when is this going to end, what’s coming next, when will I get the job/relationship/lucky break that I need etc – and of course the predictive craft of astrology is a magnet for those longing for a better but elusive or even seemingly impossible future. One of the antidotes to the human condition of constant hankering is the rise of practices such as mindfulness and meditation, bringing us back down to earth and into the power of now, but are these two worlds mutually exclusive? As ever, it’s all about balance. Even if you’re an expert at mindfulness and meditation your future is still “out there”, and you wouldn’t be human if you didn’t think and wonder about that. Even if you’re an expert astrologer, there are times when you need to get back from the future so that you can enjoy life in the here and now. The key is probably more related to how we think about our future – do we fear it, do we battle constant anxiety or can we find a way to let it unfold, trusting that all is happening as it should? That is the ideal goal, how many of us actually achieve it is another matter! To be realistic, if we can achieve it at least some of the time, then the chances are that we are then generally more content.

When change is urgently needed the question about fate/free will become a lot more intense ie should I force the issue or should I trust that it will happen anyway? This is the $64k question. All I can say is that I’ve seen enough examples in my astrological life to know that matters “change” at their appointed time. Just last week a client who has been in a deteriorating marriage for years suddenly faced a new picture as a major transit became exact, and the Eclipse fell conjunct one of her personal planets – the “zooming in” moment of prediction –  which did indeed translate into a catalyst, presenting her with an opportunity that this time she was able to grasp.

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16 March 2015 – Being shaken, stirred and eclipsed – how to travel the road to the Spring Equinox

The Astrology Blog – 16 March 2015

I’ve been contacted by Soul and Spirit magazine who are now compiling their Annual Awards 2015 and here are some of the categories:
• Most inspiring spiritual blog
• Best retreat/healing centre
• Best-loved astrologer
• Best-loved psychic
• Most inspiring life coach
• Favourite mind, body, spirit author
• Best spiritual book of the year
• Best spiritual course/workshop provider
• Best mind, body, spirit experience
If you’d like to nominate The Greek Island Summer School for “best retreat” – or me for the blog or astrologer or author category! – here’s the link:
There’s a short form to fill in which you have to submit by 17 April 2015. You will then be entered into a prize draw to win various goodies. The magazine then draws up a list of finalists and from 15 May 2015 you’ll be able to vote for your winners. I’ll post the link for that when I have it.

Be Your Own Astrologer – Workshop Saturday 11 April
10.00 am to 5.00pm

Rosslyn Hill Chapel
3 Pilgrim’s Place, London NW3 1NG
Hampstead tube

There are 2 of 20 places now left for this workshop

This workshop is based on the material covered in my new book and is suitable for beginners/refreshers to intermediate –
• Learn more about your personality and deepest nature
• Learn how astrology reflects not only your true self but your life experience in the past, present and immediate future
• Learn about retrodiction – how to locate past events in your horoscope – and how to apply the same tools to the art of prediction and understanding your life cycles

When you book please have ready your personal data – your date and place of birth, and your time of birth as accurately as possible. I will be drawing up everyone’s personal horoscope in advance of the event for all participating students. My colleague astrologer Sally Kirkman will be with us for the day to assist with the work on everyone’s charts.

Private Consultations

I have ONE remaining slot for private consultations on Tuesday 7 April. Please get in touch if you’d like to find out more or book an appointment.

More London Workshops – Astrology or Tarot
I am planning several more workshops to run through

out the summer and I already have a list on the go for those who would like to attend the next one or who want to be kept informed of future events.
If you’d like to be added to this list just reply to this newsletter – with PLEASE ADD ME TO THE MAILING LIST FOR THE LONDON WORKSHOPS.


The Greek Island Summer School
If you’re thinking of coming over to Greece to join one of the courses running this summer here’s a new link for flights to Preveza, our local airport. Transfer time to Nidri on the island of Lefkada is just 45 minutes drive. I can arrange transfers and accommodation for you – just let me know what you need, anything from family run rooms to five star hotels!

What’s happening this week?

All times stated are in GMT
Let me start by saying that in the last few weeks I’ve omitted to mention a mutual reception at work. This phenomenon last occurred in December when we had the Sun in Sagittarius, Jupiter’s masculine sign. Now we have Sun in Pisces, Jupiter’s feminine sign, and Jupiter himself still travelling through Leo – the Sun’s sign. In other words, Jupiter and the Sun currently occupy each other’s signs. Even though they are not in harmonious aspect to each other they can behave as if they are. This particular mutual reception won’t happen again until Jupiter returns to Leo in 12 years time.
How can we use a mutual reception? Symbolically this translates into putting yourself into another place literally (geographically) or emotionally (empathically). This is especially powerful as the mutual reception involves the Sun (life force, essence of soul and self, rules the heart in the physical body) and Jupiter (the Greater Benefic – he is good for us) who rules not only compassion and humanity, but also the world of travel and learning. Anything that broadens your horizons in any sense, or anything that frees you, is Jupiter’s role.
Maybe there is someone you care about going through a struggle and something you can do will help? Do it. Putting yourself in their shoes and imagining what you would need in that situation will give you the answers. Maybe there is someone in a different country you long to see, and one of you will have to travel? Or maybe you’ll both have to lift yourselves out of your physical location and meet in the middle? If you’re thinking about this then don’t hesitate – book those tickets! Jupiter is the bringer of joy and you could make someone’s heart lift – and your own.
As ever the “as above, so below” principle reminds us to look for that all important context. Astrological events are not causal – they don’t make us do things. Rather they represent a massive celestial mirror – look into this and you’ll see your life being reflected back to you.

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17 March 2014 – This week’s Astrology

If you want to go straight to this week’s blog just scroll down past the course information and horoscope links.

The Greek Island Summer School 2014

Working with Tarot

w/c 19 May 2014 (4 of 8 places available)
This course is suitable for all levels. We revise the traditional divinatory meanings of the 78 Tarot cards and …

More details on the website here

Discovering Astrology – foundation course for beginners/refreshers

w/c 2 June 2014 (FULL)
This course will be running again next year so do get in touch if you’d like to reserve a place.

Lift astrology out of the Sun sign columns and discover horoscopy, the symbolism of the signs, planets and houses. Take your first steps in chart interpretation and making predictions…

Check out the website for more details…

Astrology & Tarot – how to combine both skills

w/c 8 September 2014 (FULL)

Astrology & Tarot is now fully booked. If you’d like to do this course next year you can contact me direct here

This course is suitable for the student who has already ventured into studying both tarot and astrology, but you certainly don’t need to be an expert… Details on the website

Good Timing – Predictive Techniques in Astrology

w/c 22 September 2014 (4 of 8 places available)

This course is suitable for the student who has already completed a beginners’ course or who is familiar with the basic symbolism of the nuts and bolts of horoscopy – signs, planets and houses. The aim is to …

More details check out the website

If you have any queries or would like to reserve a place please contact me direct here


Click on the Network She logo here for an overview of the month and your March horoscope:

The Astrology Blog – w/b 17 March 2014

Mercury takes the lead at the beginning of the week with his ingress into Pisces. You may remember that Mercury entered this sign on the last day of January, but only got as far as 3 degrees before turning retrograde and sliding back into Aquarius. So this is Mercury entering Pisces Take Two, and here’s the sequence now unfolding:

Mercury arrives in Pisces late Monday (22.25 GMT)

Mercury reaches 3 degrees of Pisces on Thursday, the degree at which he turned retrograde

He’ll finally catch up with Neptune at 6 degrees of Pisces on Saturday (the conjunction being exact at 20.17 GMT)

Symbolically this speaks of second chances, and the coming together of a plan that nearly gelled in recent weeks but which came unstuck or was put on hold. This may also apply to a relationship, the coming together of two planets – two people – after a false start or a phase of uncertainty. The Mercury – Neptune combination is highly romantic, the stuff of dreams and the urge to merge.

However, there is also a difficult side to this picture. In traditional astrology Mercury is in “detriment” in this sign as he is planet of the mind and language whereas Pisces is a water sign, the element of feelings. Trying to make sense of emotional matters may be a tall order. We all know what it’s like to try and “reason” with someone “in love”. The two simply don’t mix. Psychologically, falling in love is the collapse of boundaries – fusion cannot happen if you stay totally separate – and a typical Piscean will have issues around personal boundaries, such as wanting to rescue the world or not knowing how to say no. Remember that Neptune is Pisces’ planet, he is Poseidon, god of the sea, so the Piscean/Neptunian realm is the ocean – free flowing, boundless, staggeringly deep and teeming with undercurrents.

Pisces is a highly creative sign but Neptune’s flip side is illusion and deception. Think sea mists, foggy situations in which all the edges are blurred and nothing is as it seems. It’s like looking at the world through a rainy window. They also rule the 12th house of the horoscope, “the Vale of Tears” – nothing swamps you like grief does. The combination of Mercury and Neptune in Pisces is therefore potentially everything from creative projects and love drugs, to sad news, lies and mysteries.

Jeffrey Archer is a textbook example. He’s an Aries but he has Mercury in Pisces opposite Neptune. Here is the weaver of tales, the consummate story teller, the man whose books have sold 250 million copies, but whose political career was blighted by scandal eventually leading to a conviction and imprisonment for perjury. Nothing is as imaginative as a Mercury – Neptune aspect but it’s all about appropriateness – when is it “right” and when is it “wrong” to smudge the line between fact and fantasy? In a work of fiction it’s a gift, in a courtroom it’s a criminal offence with dire consequences.

Neptune also rules mysticism and altered states of consciousness, including alcohol. Again, be aware of the double edged sword. If you’re drinking for fun and celebration then all should be fine, but if you’re drowning your sorrows you risk opening the floodgates in a big way. So please be very mindful this coming weekend, have your special friends on hand if you are in crisis yourself or be the sensitive counselor and supporter if it’s the other way around. Pay special attention to the emotional issues that swim to the surface, yours or someone else’s. and above all do not risk any drink – drive situation.

In complete contrast to this sensitivity minefield Tuesday brings the crisp and clear Venus in Aquarius sextile (harmonious) Uranus, Aquarius’ planet (exact at 19.01 GMT). In a nutshell Venus is love, pleasure and money, and the positive face of Uranus is innovation and brilliance, surprises of the exciting kind and refusing to play by outdated rule books. Just because something has always been done in a certain way doesn’t mean that it can’t change. Breaking the rules and breaking the mould are the themes to look out for.

Originality is in there too. Stamp work projects with your own special hallmark, brainstorm with your colleagues or friends for ideas and answers and don’t let the grass grow under your feet. Uranus loves teamwork and also immediacy and spontaneity, often of the head spinning kind. In love this is the classic aspect for being “swept off your feet” and the stuff of instant attractions. It’s also brilliant for socializing and networking. Say yes to a working lunch or to an after work invite for Tuesday – you could meet someone fascinating and influential.

The electric Venus – Uranus get together paves the way to the Spring Equinox on Thursday as the Sun enters Aries (ingress at 16.58 GMT). This is the first sign of the zodiac so this is the astrological New Year. What better time to review your resolutions? How did you start the year, what did you want to achieve and are you on track? If you’re realizing that you want something completely different now’s the time to look very closely at your true ambitions and desires.

Whatever is “born” on the Spring Equinox holds the seeds of fruitfulness so look out for anything in the brand new start category. Move forwards with directness and a “do it now” policy. Be self-ish. Aries is the “me” sign so it’s important to recognize what is right for you as opposed to what everyone else might think is right for you. Capturing the right vibe and injecting spring energy is linked to harnessing the Aries qualities of individuality, independence and being a self starter. Whatever snaps you out of victim role – which is basically any situation in which you apportion blame – is the way to go. Substitute “poor me” for “wonderful me”! The Spring Equinox is the time to celebrate your ego, to recognize the supreme importance of good self esteem, to recognize your absolute right to be here and to remember that the only person who can live your life is you.

Wishing you Happy Equinox and if you want to read more during the week, make comments or share your own stories why not join my Facebook Group – The World of Astrology. Here’s the link:


18 March 2013 – This week’s Astrology

Hallelujah the communication planet Mercury went direct last night. At a general level this signals that anything that’s been troublesome over the last three weeks can now get sorted, and in particular look out for:

  • Asking the right questions/getting the right information
  • The truth outs (including trickery, eg the breaking news for anyone with a Cypriot bank account…)
  • Setting the record straight
  • Making an important decision/other people’s decisions helping you out
  • Good news
  • Acts of kindness

Happily I’ve woken up today to find myself on the receiving end of the last two points and, oh yes, Mercury going direct in the water sign of Pisces, the end to plumbing problems! As of this weekend my bathroom is restored to being a bathroom.

Moving on … that is what this week is all about, especially as we have the Spring Equinox on Wednesday, when the Sun moves into Aries at 11.03 GMT. 0 degrees of Aries is the first degree of the zodiac so the equinox is the astrological New Year. So if you want to make new resolutions, go right ahead! Venus also moves into go-getting Aries in the early hours of Friday, and Mars & Uranus conjunct in this sign on Friday evening. Pay close attention to events at the end of the week then as Uranus is the loose cannon and will be playing a major role next week too. Life, having been slow, sad or uncertain, could suddenly – even dramatically – start moving at dizzying speed and along unexpected lines.

My top tip for this week then is not just to go ahead but to get ahead. Now’s the time to get list ticking with all those jobs/intentions you’ve been putting off.

CLICK BELOW for this week’s column on Avon Connects:

CLICK BELOW for the monthly column on Network She:



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