All Change, Four Planets on the Move, Spring Equinox & Aries New Moon (Horoscopes – Boris Johnson, Emmanuel Macron, Donald Trump)

If you want the opposite image to a retrograde Mercury this is it. For this next fortnight Mercury’s on fire. The message is clear. Fire ahead with your plans and to-do lists, things could move at a much faster pace than you’d expected. Aries the sign of Cardinal Fire loves doing things immediately and in straight lines, no diversions or scenic routes.

Greek island astrology from information to meaning

Mercury’s Finale, The Spring Equinox & Saturn’s New Cycle

I was pretty sure that the decision was going to be taken out of my hands anyway but I was curious to see what divination would show. I turned the 9 of Pentacles, which instantly confirmed to me that I was staying put. This card is a picture of the woman who is somewhat isolated from others but safe and contented in her own garden. Spookily accurate. This is the kind of stuff we’ll be looking at in the Tarot “Questions, questions” workshop, now in August.

An Electric Summer Solstice – and Other Wake-up Calls – 19 June 2018

Uranus is in the news this week as it’s Summer Solstice time – when the Sun (Sol) appears to stand still – but there’s little time for letting the grass grow under your feet as the first aspect is to this Lord of surprises:
Thursday 21 June – Spring Equinox Sun ingress Cancer 11.06 BST
Saturday 23 June – Sun 2 Cancer sextile Uranus 2 Taurus 06.59 BST
This indicates that new cycles and especially those related to Cancerian issues (home, property, family, children and care) could hit the floor running. The sextile aspect is a harmonious one so changes should be for the better…

16 March 2015 – Being shaken, stirred and eclipsed – how to travel the road to the Spring Equinox

The Astrology Blog – 16 March 2015 I’ve been contacted by Soul and Spirit magazine who are now compiling their Annual Awards 2015 and here are some of the categories: • Most inspiring spiritual blog • Best retreat/healing centre • Best-loved astrologer • Best-loved psychic • Most inspiring life coach • Favourite mind, body, spirit…