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14 January 2013 – This week’s Astrology

To me this feels like a week that falls into two definite halves. For the first half we have Venus travelling towards a conjunction with Pluto in Capricorn, exact in the early hours of Thursday. Taken alone Venus (love, pleasures, money) meeting Pluto (endings, absence, power, intensity) is not the most comfortable of pictures but, as ever, it’s too easy to tip over into alarmism.

Yes, for some it will be about putting an end to unmanageable or unhealthy setups, but it’s also a good time to look deeply at anything that is not working in your life. There is also a message here about how to put your resources of love and money to powerful use.

Add to the mix that Venus moves on to make a sextile (harmonious) to Saturn in Scorpio later the same day and a picture of greater stability starts to emerge. Note that Saturn and Pluto are currently in mutual reception (each other’s signs, Saturn now travelling through Pluto’s water sign of Scorpio, and Pluto travelling through Saturn’s earth sign of Capricorn).

This signals collaboration at work, moves that you can make to strengthen or heal a situation/relationship etc. The end of the week is great for final answers and practical agreements when the Sun and Mercury meet up in Capricorn early on Friday.

The Sun and Mercury then both change sign, moving on into Aquarius at the weekend. This opens a new chapter that is far less intense as Aquarius is an air sign (the element of the mind) associated with objectivity, realism – with a dash of genius thrown in for good measure. It’s also the sign of the collective so humanitarian issues move into the limelight, as does any concern that focuses on the “good of the whole” – in other words, what works best for most is the way forwards.

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26 November 2012 – This week’s Astrology

Yes, today is the day that happens only three times a year – it’s the day that Mercury turns direct after being retrograde for three weeks. Mercury makes the turn at 22.49 GMT but you don’t have to wait until tonight! Untying knots starts right now, new information coming to light is likely to be of great significance and events over the weekend may already have made the point.

Mercury turns direct in Scorpio, a sign associated with use/abuse of power. As above so below. The BBC’s lead story this morning, “Egyptian President Mohammed Mursi is to meet senior judges to try to end a crisis sparked by issuing a decree giving him sweeping new powers.” It’s absolutely crucial for the people of Egypt that this dictatorship in the making is addressed and halted right now.

Scorpio also rules life/death/rebirth issues and the link between physical and mental health, and is therefore connected to healing/surgery, and emotional healing in terms of making the unconscious conscious. Money issues are in there too, but in a way that recognizes money as a resource rather than money for its own sake. Struggling to make ends meet is exhausting and debt is disempowering. If you need to turn a financial situation around the decisions and moves you make now will count for a lot.

All of the Scorpio themes are especially strong as Venus and Saturn unite in this sign in the early hours of tomorrow morning, and the two planets that rule this sign – Mars and Pluto – unite in Capricorn tomorrow evening. Throw in the Lunar Eclipse in Gemini on Wednesday and it’s an intense first half of the week. The good news is that Venus then steadies the picture. In a nutshell? Whatever your own personal struggle may be there’s an intensifying going on first, a message being rammed home, but it’s the path to deep healing, and an awakening to the awesome power of deeply felt and considered decisions.

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19 November 2012 – This week’s Astrology

Hi everyone

Firstly a big thank you for supporting the weekly column. As you know it was re-launched at the end of August but you may not know that this also involved restarting the Facebook “likes”. So if you originally “liked” this column on Facebook your vote no longer shows. In the spirit of retrograde Mercury when “re” words count for a lot, if you want to “re-like” you’ll find the icon at the end of the column. Many thanks!

Yes Mercury is still rewinding through secretive and complex Scorpio and will be for another week. Rethink, re-assess and if in doubt say or do nothing. Bide your time or buy yourself time with regard to all important decisions, especially ones that relate to issues that you feel very strongly about. Scorpio is associated with passionate feelings – nothing wishy-washy about this sign – but also with things that are hidden from us. Take special note of events this coming weekend when Mercury will be “stationing” (getting ready to start moving forwards again).

Otherwise all the astro-action is packed into Thursday/Friday when the love planet Venus also arrives in Scorpio and Mars crosses swords with spanner-in-the-works Uranus. This doesn’t mean that things can’t get resolved but it’s a volatile picture and the x-factor is in there somewhere…keep your head and avoid unnecessary risks of all kinds. Mars aligns with order loving Saturn on Saturday – especially helpful as these two planets are currently in “mutual reception”, Mars being in Saturn’s sign of Capricorn, and Saturn being in Mars’s sign of Scorpio. Again, look out for new information surfacing or the input of a third party that can reveal options/moves to make that previously you may not have been aware of.

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With love from Greece




12 November 2012 – This week’s Astrology

Here it is, the week of the Total Solar Eclipse in Scorpio (exact tomorrow, 21.57 degrees of Scorpio, 22.09 GMT), followed a couple of hours later by retrograde Mercury sliding back into Scorpio (not returning to Sagittarius for another month). Award for the most symbolically appropriate news feature for me this morning goes to the BBC – Invisibility Cloaks: Will we ever really have them?”  The feature is about “cloaking” science aka “Transformation Optics” and astrologers cannot help but make the link to Pluto (one of Scorpio’s planets) and the mythology of his invisibility helmet, enabling him to leave the underworld unseen, and his symbolism of change, absence and transformation.

From a cultural point of view it’s probably quite British to say “don’t get involved”. Where I live in Greece, however, an argument or an accident on the road would empty cafes as everyone rushes in to have their say or to offer help. I think the point is to decide what you want to be involved in right now, and what you don’t. For now, in the shadowy world of the eclipse and Mercury being super secretive, the current astrology would suggest some value in “absenting” yourself and staying invisible in any situation that is highly charged or puzzlingly complex.

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5 November 2012 – This week’s Astrology

Yes, it’s that time again – Mercury goes retrograde tonight, 23.05 GMT and will be backtracking for the next three weeks. This means that Mercury turns into the mischief maker, especially as this time he turns around in truth freak Sagittarius and then early next week will slip back into the previous sign of Scorpio, a sign associated with hidden issues and deeper meanings. In essence:

Mercury – planet of information and communication. Under this umbrella we find language, everything connected to the written and spoken word, phones, emails, decisions, ideas, news and views.

Mercury retrograde – throws a large question mark into the mix, so be on your guard re (mis)understanding and (mis)interpretation, back up your work, and remember that language conceals (lies) as well as reveals (truth).

On a happier note we have a lovely Venus/Jupiter alignment in the air signs of Libra and Gemini, exact at 07.27 GMT Friday. So second half of the week is much lighter – fun and good news, although bear in mind that either some details will change again or you won’t enjoy the real results until Mercury gets everything back on track.

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