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Sally Kirkman

25 February 2013 – This week’s Astrology

sorry, retrograde Mercury strikes.. forgot to post this up yesterday:

The Full Moon is exact this evening (20.27 GMT). Traditionally this is a time of illumination, of things coming full circle and information coming to light, but bear in mind that we currently have a retrograde Mercury. This signals a risk that things are not, in fact, what they seem or that there is more information to come. As always, the three week period of Mercury being retrograde is a time for caution and often a “wait and see” policy works best. In the meantime the usual advice applies – back up your work, watch your valuables and be careful what you say/commit to. You’ll find a link to three articles on the subject of retrograde Mercury on Sally Kirkman’s site:

This Full Moon is in Virgo – sign of health, duty and work. Virgo tends to get not so much bad press as boring press, often being associated with a “goody-goody” image, a critical nature, perfectionism and a strong work ethic. However, this is also the sign of skills and crafts, and this is where the positive Virgo talents for precision and attention to detail come into their own. This mindfulness is highly appropriate, even invaluable, for the combination of a Virgo Full Moon/retrograde Mercury.

So, what next? Mercury in Pisces backtracks to meet up with Mars in the same sign tomorrow morning, repeating an aspect that first occurred on 8 February. Mercury (communication) and Mars (war) – words can wound so look out for disputes, especially as Full Moon time is also notorious for “lunacy” and domestics. Or whatever started for you around 8 February is likely to pop up again, and you have a second chance to address it. You may be amused to note that Virgo correlates to the 6th house which is where we also find animals and I am currently at war with a huge stray tomcat who is wreaking havoc in my house, day and night, trying to get in and spraying everywhere when he does. A locked cat-flap is a mystery to my own animals but it’s the only answer for now! And, oh yes, the plumbing problems continue and the bathroom floor is due to be dug up this afternoon… joy.

Two other features this week – Venus follows the Sun, Mercury and Mars into Pisces in the early hours of tomorrow morning. This is good news in that Venus is said to be “exalted” in this sign – in other words, the Venusian qualities of love, peace and pleasure find easy expression in this gentle water sign. Note especially the Venus/Neptune (co-ruler of Pisces) conjunction on Thursday afternoon.

Finally the week ends with the Sun making positive aspects to Pluto and Saturn on Friday. Although the week does feel like something of an emotional rollercoaster these aspects do have a feel of bringing things back into perspective and into some kind of order. Even if you don’t get perfect results you will get some answers, insights, guidelines and the chance to regain some control over the important issues currently unfolding in your life. I might even have a new bathroom floor and no leaky pipes by then!

CLICK BELOW for the link to this week’s column:

4 February 2013 – This week’s Astrology

There are some weeks when life seems to be dragging its feet, and others when everything seems to be happening all at once. This week is the latter. New cycles are a theme as Venus changed sign at the weekend (into Aquarius) and aligns easily with Uranus and Jupiter midweek. This picks out Wednesday as good news day or as the point at which something drops easily or suddenly into place.

As ever, there’s a “but” as Mars now in Pisces, with Mercury following tomorrow afternoon and both headed to meet up with Neptune, muddies the water. It’s said that the ability to “tolerate ambiguity” – in other words, to be able to juggle contradictions rather than insisting on everything making perfect sense with totally predictable outcomes – is the mark of emotional maturity. I get the feeling that many of us will be tested on that one this week, or in the next few weeks, as Mercury is going to be swimming backwards and forwards through Pisces until mid April.

More on that as it unfolds. In the meantime, this week reminds us that joy/sadness are the two sides of the same coin. Or as my colleague Sally Kirkman says this week on the intro to this week’s astrology: “This is why Neptune is associated with saints and sinners: you can ‘lose yourself’ in spirituality or divine inspiration through music, poetry, art and film or you can spiral downward into addiction, another form of escape.”

The weekend brings the New Moon in Aquarius – sign of the collective but also of individual brilliance. However, coinciding with Mars/Jupiter and Venus/Saturn squares (obstacles/challenges) it would seem that the most effective fresh starts will be the ones characterized by acceptance rather than trying to blast through what can’t be changed.

CLICK BELOW for the link to this week’s column:

And if you’d like to read more about Sally’s take, here’s the link to her column as well:

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