U-Turns & Turning Points, the Healing Journey & Aries Full Moon conjunct Chiron

This is a huge finale. Pluto has been retrograde since 29 April so this turning point is pretty hefty. It’s also Mercury’s last aspect in the end degrees of Virgo, and one that he’s already made twice, before changing sign again next week. Decisions made under such conditions are likely to be irrevocable, but that’s not always a bad thing. This can be about adaptability as well as slamming doors shut behind you.

Princess Latifa, Mercury on the Move, Mars – Pluto Closure & Venus New Cycle

Mars and Pluto coming together is not the easiest of combinations so look out for the situations or events that require you to be tough. If you’re in a failing relationship this is likely to be an extremely testing week but it’s really important not to allow yourself to be bullied or overpowered in any way by someone else’s behavior. I would avoid the trap of thinking that you have to “try harder”. Any relationship that is just hard work needs to be questioned.