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Mars ingress Aquarius

1 December 2014 – Jupiter takes over, fresh air and famine to feast


I’ll be in London 18 December for ten days. I’ll be doing readings at the Philadelphia Association in Hampstead and I’ve now booked in an extra afternoon. Therefore there are now another 2 appointment slots available, one on Saturday 20th and one on Monday 22nd – you can reply to this email or create a new one if you’d like to find out more.

The Astrology Blog – w/b 1 December 2014

All times stated are in GMT

There’s some great astrology unfolding for the first half of December, much of which revolves around the fact that we are now in the Sagittarius time of year. This sign is ruled by Jupiter – who is currently travelling through Leo – so we have a “mutual reception”. Regular readers may remember that I talked about this phenomenon last week –

Note that Saturn is still in “mutual reception” with Pluto – that is, Saturn is travelling through Pluto’s sign of Scorpio and Pluto in turn is travelling through Saturn’s sign of Capricorn. In other words, these two planets are, in some ways, working as a team and supporting each other’s causes.
The same thing is now happening with the Sun and Jupiter – the Sun is now in Jupiter’s sign of Sag and Jupiter is in the Sun’s sign of Leo. This mutual reception will therefore last until the Sun moves on into Capricorn on 21 December. This is fabulous astrology as the Sun is the life force and the illuminator, and Jupiter is the Greater Benefic – the Good Guy of the heavens who governs luck, opportunity and all reasons to be cheerful – so to have these two planets working as a team is extremely helpful to say the least.

How might this show? Remember the as above, so below principle – and look out for the person with whom you can work as a team (personally or professionally), at what you are receiving from each other, at moves you can make to bring a matter to a positive conclusion, how you can look at a matter through someone else’s eyes and walk a mile in their shoes. Look at how your input can benefit someone else and vice versa. Look at

As well as the wonderful potential wrapped up in this mutual reception Jupiter is now also the key player in the backdrop of life. We’ve just been through the Saturn season – as the Sun, Mercury and Venus all recently in Scorpio had to struggle past this planet on his long trek through this sign – and we’re now closing the Neptune season as, again, the Sun, Mercury and Venus all made a square to Neptune in Pisces as they in turn all recently entered Sagittarius. This has all been very heavy going but the last link in the chain was in the early hours of this morning –

Monday Mercury square Neptune (04.28)

It’s followed later in the day by –

Monday Mars sextile (harmonious) Saturn (19.01)

I’ve talked enough in recent weeks about the heaviness of Saturn and the disorientation of Neptune, but this last aspect is worth noting as it’s Mars’ last one before he changes sign later this week. It’s also another mutual reception – Mars is in Saturn’s sign of Capricorn, and Saturn is in Mars’ sign of Scorpio. Also note that Mars in Capricorn is in his sign of “exaltation” – his strongest sign – and that the sextile is considered to be one of, if not the most, harmonious aspect. This ticks a lot of boxes then in terms of wrapping up a project, bringing a matter to a definite end or arriving at the point of acceptance with any concern that has been hard work. There is no more to be done. This fits perfectly for me in a positive way as tomorrow is the day that I officially sign off my new book, the final proof readings are all done and it’s all off to the printers, at long last. So if there are any mistakes gone unspotted, it will be too late! If there is any matter in your life in which “there is no more to be done” this really is a good time for letting it go.

Let’s now look forwards and welcome in the Jupiter season as the Sun, Mercury and Venus in Sag (fire sign) will all make a trine (harmonious aspect) to Jupiter in Leo (fire sign) over the next couple of weeks. One little word of warning is to note that Jupiter is “stationary retrograde”. He has been slowing down for weeks and is now stationing – appearing to come to a complete stop – at 22 degrees of Leo. He will turn retrograde (appear to be moving backwards in the heavens) next Monday and will start backtracking through Leo until next April.

This doesn’t mean that all Jupiterian things will come to a screaming halt or start to unravel but it does suggest not trusting to luck alone. The work you put in between now and next spring will count for a huge amount, especially if it’s in connection to Jupiter’s subjects of education, travel, all things foreign, publishing or legal matters. If you have planets at or close to 22 degrees of Leo this will be an especially important time for you. Any planet turning retrograde – and then turning direct again at a later date – symbolises turning points and the opening of a new cycle. This may not be obvious at the time – especially with Jupiter who loves sowing seeds – but you may look back at this time and realise that actually it was pivotal.

The Jupiter sequence starts with –

Thursday Venus trine Jupiter (19.12)

As I’m always saying I love Venus – Jupiter contacts. Who doesn’t! But as I’m a textbook Sag, happy Jupiter aspects always bring along goodies in some shape or guise. And with my birthday tomorrow this aspect will be the most important aspect in my Solar Return chart.

(What’s a Solar Return chart? This is the chart that captures the moment when the Sun returns to its exact natal position – to the degree, minute and second. This will be on your birthday, or the day before or the day after. In the “olden days” we used to have to calculate these charts with the use of logarithms as they have to be worked out with great precision. Happily these days we have software that will produce your Solar Return chart at the touch of a button. The chart is not a substitute for your natal horoscope but is a flavor or the year ahead. You can also calculate your Lunar Return charts (13 of these a year) to capture the flavor of the month ahead. These charts are a lot of fun and are often surprisingly accurate.)

Back to the Venus – Jupiter trine, what can you expect? Listen out for good news, social invites, money opportunities through work you love doing, loving generosity from or to those you care about or meeting someone who will be good for you. Single? Sit up and take notice of anyone you meet this week, the chances are they’re special and right, or expect happy developments if you’re already getting a new romance up and running.

Also as Jupiter is about to turn retrograde you can add the extra theme of going BACK to something, or picking up an opportunity that you missed first time around. Seeds that were sown in recent months, and which you thought hadn’t flowered, may now also spring to life. Going BACK to someone is also in there – this is the stuff of reconciliations.

Jupiter is also the planet of liberation – underlining the theme of letting things go for your own wellbeing – and there are other astrological events this week that signal things moving on in a positive way. These may also happen suddenly or unexpectedly, with the aspects that immediately follow the Venus – Jupiter trine –

Sun trine Uranus (22.31)
Mars ingress Aquarius (23.58)

Uranus loves to break the mould, shake us all up and bring those light bulb moments. Mars entering Aquarius – Uranus’ sign – underlines the opening of new cycles and movement – things have been very slow going with all the Saturn and Neptune dominance in recent weeks but we’ll now be reminded that nothing stays stuck forever. Mars in Aquarius is a breath of fresh air and shows you how to work clever rather than just working hard.

Again these themes are underlined over the weekend –

Mercury trine Uranus (03.45)
Full Moon at 14 degrees of Gemini (12.28)

There’s definitely a feel of change, and in ways that you would never have anticipated. But Mercury/Uranus is inspirational, the Full Moon in another air sign floods light into our understanding and reveals options – sign of the Twins indicating choices – and life could look very different by the end of the week than it did compared to the beginning. Look for things happening in doubles or multiples too. For example, if you’re job hunting, you might suddenly get offered two things at the same time.

The bottom line for this week is that famine always turns to feast eventually – may your garden grow!

24 December 2012 – This week’s Astrology

Well, we’re still here then!

Of course, the humourists have been at work with “it’s not the end of the world” jokes. This has made me think about two things – one, that humour is so important. This is not to disrespect anyone’s troubles but, in terms of the much loved phrase “a positive attitude”, the ability to put an amusing spin on life’s challenges can often make the difference between coping or not. Secondly, clients coming for consultations nearly always fear “bad news” yet bad news (difficult things)/good news (easy things) are the two sides of the same coin and such is the stuff of life.

This week’s astrology is no exception. It’s an easy start to the week, and I especially like the fact that the Moon sails through light hearted and playful Gemini throughout Christmas Day, with the Moon – Jupiter conjunction exact at 00.19 GMT on the 26th. If you have clear skies on Christmas night you’ll see Jupiter blazing away next to a nearly Full Moon. Make a wish! In fact, make two! Jupiter rules good fortune and in Gemini, sign of the Twins, it’s the perfect time for doubling up.

Mars also changes sign, about an hour later, moving into Aquarius. Note that this is not a water sign – only the sign of the Water Bearer. Aquarius is an air sign, element of the mind, and its strengths are questioning, analysis, logic and objectivity. In short, every dream needs an action plan and the “how to” is an increasingly important theme as we travel into the New Year.

This is underlined by the Full Moon in Cancer (exact at 10.22 GMT on Friday). All Full Moons illuminate or bring things full cycle and as this one lights up the Sun/Saturn/Pluto relationship you may have to work with the bad before you get to the good. in other words, something’s “gotta give” or be radically overhauled to pave the way to an improvement. Such challenges may feel like “bad news”, especially when facing up to something we fear, but the moments of very deep insight are also a gift.

Have a wonderful Christmas and CLICK BELOW for the link to this week’s column:




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