Mercury’s Finales, Going Forwards & the Venus – Uranus X Factor (Horoscopes: Boris Johnson)

Venus is dignified in Taurus, her own steady sign of Fixed Earth, but Uranus in this sign is the ground shaker. This is an extremely lively combination. Venus is the love planet and rules everything to do with romance, sex, pleasures, enjoyment, money, girlfriends so putting all of that together with Uranus can swing either way.

Venus – Jupiter Joys, Solar Eclipse Changes & Living with Shadows (Horoscopes: Johnny Depp & Amber Heard)

VENUS is Aphrodite, goddess of love. She is feminine and also rules women, all pleasure seeking, lovemaking, beauty, comfort and luxuries, art, music and the fashion industry. Venus also rules sustenance, everything from food to the money we make in order to live
JUPITER is King of the gods, jovial (Jove) and optimistic, planet of opportunity, luck, liberation, good fortune, abundance, generosity both giving and receiving, learning, publishing, truth and justice/all legal concerns. He rules long distance travel, foreigners, all matters or people related to overseas, anything that makes our world bigger and better