How to Interpret Eclipse Season, Israel & All About Libra

It’s a brilliant lesson in symbolism and magic to think about the Sun and the Moon in terms of how we see them from planet Earth. They appear to be the same size. We therefore attribute equal importance to them in the horoscope. And it is only because they appear to us to be the same size that the wonder of Eclipses can happen at all, the disc of one fitting exactly over the disc of the other.

Eclipse Stories, the Scorpio Journey & the Importance of Being Courageous

So the finale for all three planets this week is the harmonious trine to Jupiter, the Greater Benefic, now stationing in readiness for turning direct next Wednesday. This paints a powerful picture of turning tides, everything crossed for Ukraine, and in your own life pay close attention to the things that “come good”, the things that bring results, rewards or revelations. This string of aspects to Jupiter is paving the way to the big turning point that could be a game-changer in a myriad of ways.