I loved my reading with Joanna. She filled the room with positivity and light and immediately set the scene of “no matter what mountain you have to climb you will get there”! I loved her up-beat way, her energy and focus. I also loved how she is completely absorbed with you and what you need to know. Joanna uses all her energy and in-depth knowledge of astrology and tarot to give you the inspiration, motivation and insight you are looking for. She pinpointed some significant dates for me. And so far two of these dates have been accurate. I wait with bated breath for the others. Joanna is just the tonic for the pick-me-up you need to take on the world. Everyone deserves a little bit of Joanna! I could not recommend her more.

Nollaig – Personal Reading

Joanna is enlightening. Her predictive and planetary analytical skills are quite simply excellent. They are also  breathtaking, with accuracy actually beyond comprehension at times. On our last meeting she told me that I should expect a sudden house move. Well, I sign the lease on a new flat today. This has come completely out of the blue, as she assured me that it would. When you are given dates by Joanna take heed!  Although these things are at times somewhat bewildering, she has an amazing compassion and ability to help one to make sense and accept what is being foretold. I could not praise her highly enough. So I am sending other friends in her direction now!

James – Personal Reading

I never thought anyone could take me soaring among the planets in the way that you did.  It felt a little eerie and reminded me of “The Snowman”. I have never had such a thorough reading/interpretation. It didn’t stop there. Jo is always suggesting books and material which are possible to obtain from other sources which I have found invaluable for development at many different levels. Thank you Jo.

Anne – Personal Reading

What luck to have found you!! After my week in Greece, it was clear that not only do you know your subject inside out, but that you’re also an expert on encouragement. This made you the obvious choice for a reading for my partner when he was recently at a crucial crossroads in his working life. After the consultation with you, he felt as if a huge weight had been lifted off his shoulders and went ahead with renewed confidence. He is thrilled with the results. How can we thank you enough?!

Jennifer – Personal Reading