Personal Year Ahead Report

In a nutshell:

2019 is packed with potential and possibilities. Your Personal Year Ahead Report will tell you how Jupiter is working for you, how to recognise the opportunities and, more importantly, when to expect them.

What is included

Your Personal Year Ahead Report is a written guide based entirely on the workings of your own horoscope and my own findings. (It doesn’t include any computer-generated material).

The Report also includes:

  • Report of 12 pages – approx. 5,000 words
  • Jupiter at Work – where and when
  • Key Transits – which other planets are active in your chart – and when
  • Progressions – a different but crucial way of “timing” the chart, especially for major life events. Progressions provide a backdrop to the year. The progressions include the all-important dates of the Progressed Moon, in relation to your natal planets.
  • Lunations – all relevant New & Full Moons, Eclipses, when and where they fall in your personal horoscope – and what they signify
Personal Year Ahead Report for 2019 with Joanna Watters

Personal Year Ahead Report 2019

Fees: £145.00

Email Joanna direct on for more information and details of how to pay.

Book your Personal Year Ahead Report at any time until the end of February 2019

These Personal Year Ahead reports are written on a first come, first served basis.

You can also ask specific questions in advance if you have important issues to address.

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