Astrology and Magic

This is a new course for the Greek island Summer School.

I’m delighted to announce that Elisabeth Brooke will be returning to Greece at the beginning of the 2019 season. Elisabeth is a Wonderful Witch, and a Herbalist and Astrologer with forty years of experience in both fields. She has taught classes and workshops worldwide and has a private practice in London.

Elisabeth is the author of the best selling A Woman’s Book of Herbs (The Women’s Press, 1992) and five other books, including Traditional Herbal Western Medicine, which will be out in January 2019, and A Woman’s Book of Shadows which is all about magic and which is being reissued in April 2019.

Astrology and Magic Joanna Watters astrology course


Wednesday 15 May to Tuesday 21 May 2019


First day 11am to 3.30pm

All other days 10am to 3.30pm


Joanna’s home in Nidri, Lefkada, Greece


Elisabeth Brooke and Joanna Watters

Prices & How To Book


Course fees include tutor fees, refreshments and taxis to and from your hotel.

Lunch is extra: at 10 Euros per day for a delicious buffet lunch.

For more information and to book email

Course content

Astrology, Spells and Magic

This course uses material from A Woman’s Book of Shadows (which is being re-issued and will be on sale in the UK in April 2019).

Magic is the art of influencing our lives using charms, spells and rituals.

By focussing our intention and drawing on natural forces such as Astrology (our own astrology and general astrological patterns) we can work with the magical energies that surround us every day.

What we will cover

Understanding the power of the Moon’s cycles and the significance of and correspondences of:

  • Herbs
  • Essential oils
  • Colours and
  • Gemstones

Means we can make our intention focussed and powerful.

We will look at:

  • Love Magic
  • Money Magic
  • Health Spells
  • Work Magic and
  • Magical Protection

The studies will look at all these areas for ourselves, our loved ones and our possessions.

And on Saturday May 18th there will be a witchy Scorpio Full Moon which will potentise our work together.

Your horoscope

The course will include working on your own horoscope, so please have your data to hand when you are ready to book.

You’ll need your date, place of birth and time of birth (as accurate as possible).

Bring along your Ephemerides and charts, if you have them.


Regular tea, coffee and water is included in the course fee. Please bring along your choice of infusion or special diet items.

Lunch break is one hour.

Buffet lunch

You can opt-in to the buffet lunch provided by Joanna.

This includes a selection of salads, cold meats, cheeses, quiches and more.

Special dietary requirements are taken into account – simply email Joanna with your preferences.

The buffet lunch costs 10 Euro per day

Or if you prefer, you could bring your own food.


There is a 15 minute break in the morning and another in the afternoon.