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Mars in First Gear and Optimism v Realism – 27 August 2018

Mars is the dominant feature this week and it’s as if he’s come out of neutral, where he’s been idling, and selected first gear. Mars will now start to inch forwards again but will take a while to pick up speed. So even when a matter takes a turn for the better the golden rule is still not to rush anything. It’s happening slowly at first, but it’s happening.

The Mars – Jupiter Mixed Messages, and How to Decipher them – 2 July 2018

The week starts quietly, with no major aspects until Thursday, one of which involves Mars who turned retrograde last week at 9 degrees of Aquarius. This means that Mars is apparently moving backwards through the heavens, and it also means that he’s on a go slow. In the whole of July Mars will travel only 6 degrees, moving from 9 to 3 degrees of Aquarius, and this is a big part of the backdrop to the rest of the summer…

An Electric Summer Solstice – and Other Wake-up Calls – 19 June 2018

Uranus is in the news this week as it’s Summer Solstice time – when the Sun (Sol) appears to stand still – but there’s little time for letting the grass grow under your feet as the first aspect is to this Lord of surprises:
Thursday 21 June – Spring Equinox Sun ingress Cancer 11.06 BST
Saturday 23 June – Sun 2 Cancer sextile Uranus 2 Taurus 06.59 BST
This indicates that new cycles and especially those related to Cancerian issues (home, property, family, children and care) could hit the floor running. The sextile aspect is a harmonious one so changes should be for the better…