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Listening to your Instincts, Scorpio’s Messages

We’re now up to our necks in the sign of Fixed Water. Mutable Pisces is like the babbling brook or the endless ocean, Pisceans are those glimmering fish, graceful, elusive or slippery, but Fixed Scorpio is the pond with life teeming in its unseen depths, it’s the  hardness and resilience of ice, it’s the Scorpion with the deadly sting in the tail. There is nothing wishy-washy about this sign.

Joanna Watters astrology blog

The Cost of Collusion, How to Speak up and Thinking Long Term

Scorpio also nearly always carries a tag of secrecy or privacy. So this is not a Mercury that announces its plans to the world or wears its heart on its sleeve. Keep important things under wraps and think twice about what you post on social media. Sensitive issues are about to get even touchier and this is not a time to upset anyone unnecessarily or to make enemies.

Joanna Watters astrology blog

What are You Afraid of, Turning Should into Could & a Hot Headed Full Moon

In terms of this week’s theme of recognizing what is fear based in your life you may well find that you have a chance to address the issues that have been holding you back. Or you may recognize what you’ve been using as an excuse, hiding behind “should” instead of looking at “could”. Remember that if your fear relates to what others might think or how you might upset them, this will be temporary. People get over things even if they react badly at the time.