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The Solar Eclipse square Pluto, Mercury’s Second Link to Mars & Turning Retrograde in Taurus (Incl – Eclipses in abdications, Synastry, Fast & Slow Rising signs)

Eclipses get mixed press but basically they’re points of significant change that often involve power issues and/or the crux points of triangular situations, ie as symbolized by the intricate relationship between the three bodies of the Sun, Moon and Earth. Who is going to overshadow whom?

Venus’ New Journey, Price Tags & the Celebratory Annual Sun – Jupiter conjunction (Emmanuel & Brigitte Macron)

The Sun – Jupiter get together in any sign is celebratory. This one feels powerful as Aries is the Sun’s sign of exaltation and Jupiter is a big fiery planet, ruling Sagittarius, but generally happy in the fire signs. Look out for the Aries themes of fresh starts and firsts, and add in the list of subjects ruled by Jupiter, traditionally known as the Greater Benefic.

Mercury’s New Journey, Libra Full Moon opposite Chiron & the Venus – Neptune Sweet Spot (Marlon Brando, Joe Tacopina, Humza Yousaf)

So Libra is the sign of relationships, with both small r and big R, and this lunation swings the spotlight onto our love lives and own concerns, but also onto issues for those closest to us. Keep a close eye on anyone close to you who is going through wounding experiences in any sense and also keep your focus on healing, physical or emotional.

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Pluto’s New Journey, the Good News Mercury – Jupiter & Surprises from Venus – Uranus

Anything linked to Jupiter’s concerns gets a huge tick – foreign travel, learning, legal matters or anything that will ultimately make your life bigger and better. In your relationships focus on giving and generosity, it will bounce back to you tenfold. Jupiter’s top principle is expansion, whether it’s your mind or your social circle or creating a better future.