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Retrograde Venus, Finding the Patterns & that Cazimi Moment of Hotspots and Lifelines

So often retrograde = concealment, the things you can’t yet see happening. It’s a bit like Eclipse symbolism – what happened in the dark, what happened when you weren’t looking, what happened and was kept as a secret, what happened behind closed doors etc. In all your transactions and especially in relationships check your assumptions

Desmond Tutu, Jupiter’s New Cycle, Finding Answers & New Moon in Capricorn

Definitely don’t drag the past into the New Year with you like a ball and chain. Capricorn the Mountain Goat loves a project and goals, no matter how steep the climb. The theme of fresh starts and looking forwards is supported by Mercury’s first activity after changing sign, a minor but positive aspect to Greater Benefic Jupiter, both at 0 degrees of their new signs, holding hands as they start out on their new journeys … some details will change again but the important thing is to get started.