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Mercury back up to Speed, Full Moon in Sag with Sun/Venus messages

Mercury at his best – dignified in his own sign of quick and versatile Gemini, travelling towards lucky Jupiter and coming out of shadow – which in turn means that Mercury is now back up to full speed. Look out for an issue in your own life coming back to full speed and/or this time being for real. Great picture for making the right decisions and for getting things moving in the right direction.

Mercury’s Finales, Going Forwards & the Venus – Uranus X Factor (Horoscopes: Boris Johnson)

Venus is dignified in Taurus, her own steady sign of Fixed Earth, but Uranus in this sign is the ground shaker. This is an extremely lively combination. Venus is the love planet and rules everything to do with romance, sex, pleasures, enjoyment, money, girlfriends so putting all of that together with Uranus can swing either way.

The Love Planets Changing Sign, Critical Degrees & the Supercharged Combo of Mars – Jupiter (Horoscopes: Johnny Depp, Camille Vasquez, Anthony Albanese)

The Astrology Blog 23 May 2022 All times in BST   “We must stop regarding unpleasant or unexpected things as interruptions of real life. The truth is that interruptions are real life.” C. S. Lewis – 29 Nov 1898, Sun conjunct Uranus in Sagittarius   “I don’t look my age, I don’t feel my…