Weekly insights into the stars

The Annual Sun – Saturn, Valentine’s Venus & New Moon in Pisces

The first big conjunction of the week is the Venus – Neptune in the water (emotions) sign of Pisces. They pretty much have equal strength as this is Venus’ sign of “exaltation” and Neptune’s sign of “dignity”. It’s hard to imagine a more romantic combination. ores this in This conjunction is “applying” (in the process of becoming exact) throughout 14 February.

Mercury Out of Shadow & Back to Full Speed, a Powerful Venus – Uranus

The astronomical definition for Mercury coming “out of shadow” is that moment when he returns to the exact position at which he originally turned retrograde. In this case, 24.16 Capricorn on 29 December. As the term suggests, and especially as Mercury is the news and communication planet, we can expect shadows to lift, things that we didn’t previously know about coming to light, the truth outs.

Venus square Mars, Leo Full Moon square Uranus & The Houses

In relationship astrology Uranus is known as the divorce planet, ruling splits and separations of all kinds, but can also work the other way around, a relationship that seems to spring from nowhere or which raises eyebrows. Remember that Uranus is the opposite to conventional Saturn, planet of rules and caution. Uranus breaks the rules and doesn’t care what anyone thinks.

Practising astrology

Mercury & Uranus Turn Direct, the Demands of Sun/Pluto & Venus/Saturn, & Aquarius New Moon

When the personal planets meet up with the outer planets these are annual events. Both the Sun – Pluto and the Venus – Saturn won’t happen again until next year, last year they were 10 weeks apart with the Sun – Pluto on 16 January and the Venus – Saturn on 28 March. This year they’re only 4 days apart, which is why this looks like a heavy going week.