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The Whacky World of Uranus, Changes & Curiosity, Greece 2020 Schedule

Venus, Mars, Sun and Mercury in that order are all aligning with Uranus this week, and just about anything could happen. Long live rebellion! If you’re sick of being a cog in a wheel, or running your life in a way that suits other people but is not that great for you, or if you’re working for a company with old style management, these aspects could be supremely helpful.

Joanna Watters astrology blog

Ironing out Glitches, Venus & Mars in Love, Knowing what you Want

The love planets Venus and Mars come together, a union that happens only once every two years. The most important thing about this current conjunction in my view is that it’s serious. Virgo is not associated with being flighty or insincere. New relationships started at this time, especially if there’s been a long running attraction with one or both parties being super cautious, carry the hallmark of success.

Joanna Watters astrology blog

The Astrology Blog 5 August July 2019 Last Orders for London Summer School & Your Astrology Fast Guide to the next Fortnight

Jupiter can work in disguise in the classic “clouds with silver linings” way. Even a rock bottom moment can actually turn out to be a liberation, the thing that makes us wake up and decide on change for the better. In terms of progress and results, and getting things back into manageable proportions, we can expect to see definite movement this week.