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Don’t Mess with Mars, Venus in a Spin & a “Rebirth” Winter Solstice

Symbolically this is the stuff of the darkest hour is the one before dawn, that the relationship between light and dark is dyadic (two parts making a whole), that we can’t have one without the other. We know daylight only because there is darkness, and vice versa. We know and value life because we know there is death. In our lifetimes we all go through probably hundreds of “deaths”, those moments when things come to an end but which are not the end of our life experiences.

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Venus in Trouble, Inevitability, Healing & Lifelines

This is a really big week. The themes are transition, choices, healing and toughening up, especially in terms of personal boundaries and maturity. So much is written about nurturing the child in us, recognizing the little boy or girl inside all of us, but this week it’s about releasing old hurts, valuing the lessons learned and honouring the adult you’ve become.