Weekly insights into the stars

Saturn’s Turning Point, the Four Elements & Making Ideas/Choices Work

Jung’s four psychological functions of the psyche in turn correlate to the four elements. Mostly we are all a mixture of elements but you can determine if you have a dominant element – or a missing one – by looking at the distribution in your own horoscope amongst the personal planets, ie the first 7 planets which are Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn.

A Complex Full Moon, Shifting Sands & Predictive Techniques

At a universal level this is not an easy Full Moon, firstly because it’s in Scorpio – the Moon’s sign of “fall”, most difficult combination, and secondly because it falls opposite volatile Uranus. Full Moons can be times of craziness (lunacy) in themselves (in any sign) which often relates to matters being at full stretch. Full Moons illuminate or bring a matter full circle.

Practising astrology

Identifying Astrological Themes, Uranus’ Changes & the Art of Acceptance

The sequence of aspects this week playing into the Saturn – Uranus square suggest a lot of change in the air not just for day to day things but also for how life continues to change in fundamental ways with far reaching consequences. But this is why I chose the quote from The Surrender Experiment. Michael Singer’s whole thesis spins around acceptance and engaging fully with whatever life chucks at us, whether we like what is happening or not.