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Diana/Martin Bashir, Latifa & the Crazy Combo of Retrograde Mercury/the Lunar Eclipse

The Astrology Blog 24 May 2021                                          All times in BST              “If you never change your mind – why have one?” “Humour is by far the most significant activity of the human brain.” “The need to be right all the time is the biggest bar to new ideas.”    Edward de Bono – English psychologist,…

Saturn’s Turning Point, the Four Elements & Making Ideas/Choices Work

Jung’s four psychological functions of the psyche in turn correlate to the four elements. Mostly we are all a mixture of elements but you can determine if you have a dominant element – or a missing one – by looking at the distribution in your own horoscope amongst the personal planets, ie the first 7 planets which are Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn.

A Complex Full Moon, Shifting Sands & Predictive Techniques

At a universal level this is not an easy Full Moon, firstly because it’s in Scorpio – the Moon’s sign of “fall”, most difficult combination, and secondly because it falls opposite volatile Uranus. Full Moons can be times of craziness (lunacy) in themselves (in any sign) which often relates to matters being at full stretch. Full Moons illuminate or bring a matter full circle.