Weekly insights into the stars

Life’s a Battle, Guidance from our Inner Voice & Finding the Sweet Spots

Getting new things off the ground is going to be challenging but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t do it. Do however be realistic about time and costs. Refuse to be coerced into things that you know are wrong for you and be quick to spot emotional blackmail, especially of the quiet and subversive kind which is one of the downsides of Mercury in Scorpio.

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Venus’ Love Lessons, Scorpio Power & Mars on a Mission

The main hallmarks of Mars in Scorpio – total focus and an undeviating determination of the “where there’s a will there’s a way” variety. What do you really want, what with some deep and meaningful effort could come good? On the love front, new attractions at this time are most unlikely to be of the wishy-washy kind, casual romance could shift to serious, possibly life changing.

Your Path of Good Fortune, Full Moon in Aries & The Art of Being You

Be yourself. Stand up for yourself where necessary. Recognize or seek out your path of good fortune and live your own life, don’t get lost in other people’s lives, especially if you’re with someone who wants everything their own way at your expense. The Full Moon can be a time of fights and fury, and in fiery Aries look out for a clash of egos, but we’re not here to fix others, we’re all on our own journeys. And all empowerment starts with us and within us – not “out there”.