Astrology blog – 7 May 2018

This week has a restless and changeable quality, but it’s not without its high spots or results. Top advice is to be adaptable and flexible. Don’t try to stick rigidly to either plans or opinions, or be overly reliant on other people. If ever there was a time for having Plan B tucked up your sleeve, this week is it! Mercury – the Communicator but also the Mischief Maker – is still a lead player, and is dominant at both the beginning and end of the week…

Joanna Watters astrology blog

Finding your Footholds and Full Moon High Tides – 20 August 2018

Mercury is now officially back on track and here’s a reminder of my checklist of the kinds of things to expect, now and in the coming couple of weeks:
– Breaking news, expected or unexpected, good or bad, that affects us or someone close to us
– Important information comes to light or secrets are revealed – we have the chance to see things as they really are …

Joanna Watters astrology blog

What is Astrology for and Mercury’s Turning Point – 13 August 2018

In terms of learning lessons, however, retrograde Mercury is often a time of trial and error, when we find out what works and what doesn’t, up to the point when we experience something that makes us resolve, “I won’t be making that mistake again!” This can relate to major life issues and decisions, or just the little things that can make life more stressful than it need be.