The UK Leadership Contest, the Solar Eclipse & Mars turns Retrograde (Horoscopes – Boris Johnson, Rishi Sunak, Penny Mordaunt & Raif Badawi)

Eclipses get mixed press but basically they’re points of significant change that often involve power issues and/or the crux points of triangular situations, ie as symbolized by the intricate relationship between the three bodies of the Sun, Moon and Earth. Who is going to overshadow whom?

The Venus – Sun Conjunction, Saturn’s Conclusions & Tipping Points, Liz Truss

So Saturn is now SD – Stationary Direct – marking the turning point for the better, taking his foot off the huge cosmic brakes but will nevertheless take a long time to pick up speed. Again, if you have planets at or very close to 18 degrees of Aquarius, the opposite sign of Leo or the other Fixed signs of Taurus – Scorpio, this will be an especially relevant time for you.

The Sun – Venus & Mars – Neptune Journeys, Mercury re-enters Libra & Second Chances

So focus on decision making wherever possible, especially as Mercury is now moving things in the right direction and will come out of shadow at the very beginning of next week, which translates into being back to full speed. As above, so below, look out for info coming to light, things that you hadn’t known up until that point and which will make a definite difference.