Understanding Transits, the Uranus Turnaround & a Jupiterian Full Moon

The sequence of aspects starts with the conjunction of Mercury and Mars but then both align with Uranus just at the moment that he’s switching to retrograde. This suggests that all Mercury/Mars themes will take on greater weight and significance, or that they make a definite contribution as catalysts for any Uranus turning or tipping points. It’s hard to separate them all out.

Mercury – Jupiter Exuberance, Keep Talking & Honour Your Dreams

The Astrology Blog 9 August 2021                                       All times in BST                                                                                   “You’ve got to have a dream If you don’t have a dream How you gonna have a dream come true?”   “Happy Talk” from South Pacific   “Happiness is not something you postpone for the future; it is something you design for…

Venusian Gifts & Generosity, Mercury’s Mixed Messages and Full Moon Take One in Aquarius

Virgo’s skill for analysis and precision reach their full potential through Mercury, planet of the mind, but these same qualities of perfectionism can be passion killers for Venus. After all, what lover, partner, friend, child wants to feel as if they are constantly being scrutinized, dissected under a microscope and given marks out of ten? Ever tried to “reason” with yourself or anyone else who’s in love or in a state of obsession? Oil and water come to mind.