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At a glance – updates/travel bargains and all info for London workshops 2 & 3 April, Greek Island Summer School courses in May, June & Sept 2016

Below you’ll find all the info you need re the London workshops in April, and the astrology and tarot courses on offer at The Greek Island Summer School in May, June and Sept. Do get in touch if you have any questions, no matter how small. I am here to help you choose the right course for you and book your place. The journey to Greece is easy – the flight is under 3 hours and transfer time just 45 minutes. Looking forward to this new season! Joanna

Suitable for beginners to intermediate

These workshops are designed to be fun as well as intensive. We cover a lot of material and you’ll have the chance to give and receive a reading. Additional tutors will be joining us so you don’t have to worry if you’re a beginner – there’ll be lots of help and input to guide you.

Here is some feedback from last year’s workshops –

Jo is such a great teacher with masses of experience and knowledge to pass on. Would recommend this workshop, whether you are new to astrology or have some experience. I was amazed at how much I learnt in one day, and it’s really helped me understand my own nature and see others in a different light. Caroline

I just wanted to thank you for the great Workshop. I really enjoyed how we went from going over the basics in the morning to suddenly being able to reveal amazing insights into myself in the afternoon – really thought provoking! Diane

Thank you for such a fab workshop, it was so informative, fun and has opened up my enthusiasm for astrology again. Your two helpers were also so knowledgeable and helpful. I really enjoy your style of teaching and content, and this workshop has left me wanting to do more and more! Ann

Thank you for a super workshop. Just fascinating. It certainly got me thinking in all sorts of directions. Sam
I just wanted to say thanks for the workshop – I learnt so much and met some really nice people too! Rebecca

The class was amazing and I couldn’t stop telling everyone about it afterwards! Natasha

Saturday 2 April
(11 of 20 places available)

Be a Better Tarot Reader – exploring card meanings, choosing and using the best spreads, and how to conduct a reading. Please be sure to bring a pack of tarot cards with you. I work with Rider Waite but you can bring any deck of your choice.

Sunday 3 April
(9 of 20 places available)

Understanding Astrology – so you have a horoscope sitting in front of you, but what does it all mean? How to make accurate interpretations re personality and destiny in life, love and vocation. You’ll be exploring your own horoscope in this workshop so please have your data to hand when you book – your date and place of birth, and time of birth as accurately as possible – so that I can prepare your chart in advance.
Venue for both workshops

The Theosophical Society, 50 Gloucester Place W1U 8EA
Hours – 10am-5pm
Cost – £85.00 per day, or £150.00 for both


Here are some of the feedback comments from last year to give you a taste of what to expect!

“Both the island and Joanna’s home, the venue for the course, are absolutely beautiful. Jo is a wonderful host – friendly, helpful throughout and very welcoming – and she takes a genuine interest in both your holiday and teaching needs. The course was thorough and sparked an intense curiosity in me which has started a fascinating journey. Her new book Be Your Own Astrologer is an absolute must – by far the easiest and most absorbing book I have ever read on astrology. And the food was gorgeous and in great abundance! Highly recommended and will definitely be returning for more.”
Hilary – Discovering Astrology

“Wonderful! Joanna, your course was exceptionally well organized and I was made to feel very looked after. You went out of your way to make sure that I had everything I could possibly need. It was heaven to be in such a lovely setting, being on such an informative course and being so well cared for. The study and relaxation were a winning combination and I’ll definitely be visiting again!”
Emma – Discovering Astrology

“I am simply lost for words. This is my third time on Joanna’s wonderful courses and every time I come away feeling so refreshed, mentally, physically and spiritually. The magic unfolds every time. Joanna is truly the most experienced teacher I have come across and will bless you with her inner vision to illuminate your path ahead. A journey to be enjoyed – thank you so much.”
Julie – Astrology & Tarot

Click on the link below to read student feedback from the last 15 years:

23 May 2016 – Tarot & Astrology
(6 of 20 places available)

Suitable for all levels – How to combine the two crafts and develop your psychic skills
We start 2016 with a visiting tutor, tarot expert and psychic medium Avril Price. Read more about Avril and her work on her website –

I will be teaching how to use astrology as an extra string to your interpretative and divinatory bow, adding fine tuning timing to your reading without the need to draw up the whole horoscope in advance.
If you want to do this course please note that it is nearly full with new enquiries coming in almost every day – you can secure your travel package and your place on the course with deposits, you don’t have to pay everything in full up front.

This week’s top deal is from Monarch Holidays – Avra Beach Hotel

• Avra Beach Hotel £337 – incl breakfast
• Yiannis Hotel £351
• Athos Hotel 375 – incl breakfast

All have ensuite shower rooms and private balconies. The price is for single person occupancy (it’s less if you’re going to share) for the week, including flights, transfers and baggage allowance. No hidden extras! Note that the Avra Beach hotel is about 5 minutes walk from the village, Yiannis and Athos Hotel are the other end of the village and just a couple of minutes walk to the main harbor.

6 June 2016 – Talking Tarot
Suitable for all levels (8 of 10 places available)

This was previously advertised as the Discovering Astrology week which has now been moved to mid September – see below.

Talking Tarot is ideal for beginners or intermediate, taking you through the meanings of the 78 tarot cards, learning different spreads and teaching you how to conduct a reading. You’ll need to bring a pack of tarot card with you. I use Rider Waite but you can bring any deck of your choice. Fun, easy and inspirational!
Click on the link below to read feedback from the other students who have been to Greece to do this course since the Summer School started in 2002:

Avoid Thomas Cook for this week as their prices are currently astronomical. The best deal on offer for this week at the moment is with Monarch Holidays –

• The Avra Beach hotel is, naturally, on the beach with beautiful sea views across to the stunning mainland mountains and the former Onassis island of Scorpios. For single person occupancy the price is £421, with an on line booking discount if £74. If you are sharing the price is cheaper, £364 per person, on line discount £63 per person.
• Also if you are sharing there is Costas and Sophie’s hotel £346 per person or the Athos Hotel £410, with the same on line discounts.

If you want to do flight only the destination airport is PREVEZA (PVK). The airport is on the mainland but we are joined by a causeway so the transfer time is 45 minutes, with no ferry links involved.

The best deal at the moment is with British Airways from Heathrow, special offer of return flight for £248, incl 20k of luggage allowance, with Charter Flights, and friendly flight times. NOTE THAT these are still charter flights, not scheduled, so you won’t find them on BA website.
Sun 5 June, Heathrow to Preveza
09:40, land15:15

Sun 12 June, Preveza to Heathrow
16:15, land 17:45
Or speak to Barry or Joanna on 0208 714 0010

I can arrange transfers from and back to the airport for around €20 per person each way, and accommodation for between €30-40 a night (£20-£30 a night).

9 Sept 2016 – The Astrology of Relationships
Intermediate level

(4 of 10 places available)

PLEASE NOTE A CHANGE OF DATE for this course. It was originally scheduled to start on the 12th but will now start on Friday 9th. This is because by Sept we have the option of Thursday flights and packages (flying out 8th Sept, return flights the following Thursday 15th), which have turned out to be literally half the cost of the same holidays linked to Sunday flights.

The travel bargain is with Olympic Holidays, accommodation at Demetra Studios, a small block of lovely rooms set in their own gardens, on the seafront and just a few minutes walk to the main harbor.

Just £367 covers your flights, luggage allowance, accommodation (single person occupancy with ensuite bathroom and private balcony) and transfers to and from the airport. There is only this one flight coming to the island on Thursdays so if you want to do this course it’s advisable to book immediately. You can secure your package with a deposit with Olympic Holidays.

Astrologically the change of date is perfect. This course was planned to celebrate the beginning of Jupiter’s 12 month journey through Libra, the sign of partnership, and in fact Jupiter arrives in this sign exactly on the 9th. What does your horoscope tell you about the nature of your relationships? How to locate your love life in your chart, everything from meetings to marriages. How to interpret synastry, the comparison of two horoscopes that reveals the chemistry – and the issues! We’ll be working with transits and progressions. Suitable for intermediate level.

16 Sept 2016 – Discovering Astrology
(8 of 10 places available)

PLEASE NOTE A CHANGE OF DATE for this course. It has been moved from the second week of June which is now a tarot week (see above).

Lift astrology out of the Sun sign columns and discover the fascinating world of horoscopy. You’ll be exploring your own horoscope as well as working with examples from my own practice and the world of celebs. Suitable for beginners and refreshers.


This course starts on a Friday, flights on Thursday, and the deal with Olympic Holidays is even cheaper than the previous week. Just £331 covers your flights, luggage allowance, accommodation (single person occupancy with ensuite bathroom and private balcony) and transfers to and from the airport. There is only this one flight coming to the island on Thursdays so if you want to do this course it’s advisable to book immediately. You can secure your package with a deposit with Olympic Holidays.


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